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Five Things Friday #241

Happy Friday!

Guys, I got so much work done this week I'm not sure what happened. I got ahead on posts, planned out content, and did a bunch of admin stuff to optimize older posts. It felt really good to get more involved again and dive deep into what will help this corner of the internet grow. 

Miles has been great and it's hard to believe that next week he will be six months already. We have his six month shots next Friday, which I'm hoping go better than his four month ones did when he was inconsolable later in the day. I'll keep you updated! 

This weekend is another one with nothing on the agenda and I'm really happy about that. It's always nice to just spend time at home with the family and also take naps because naps are life. 🙂

Here are the things I'm loving this week and I hope you have a great weekend!

1. Metta Baby

I had the opportunity to take Miles to Metta Baby here in Chicago -- a "baby spa" that's designed for babies 0-6 months. I was intrigued and excited because if you have a baby, you know that there aren't many activities that are geared towards babies that young.

In an hour long session, they are first able to float and experience the tub for 10-15 minutes. This was their opening week and another participant had to reschedule, so it was just us in the class. Because he loved the water so much, he floated around for almost 30 minutes. They typically don't want much more than that because it can be a lot of exercise for those little bodies!

Following his float, we dried him off and got ready for the second part of the class which was an intro into infant massage. I learned some best practices and ways to settle him down and relieve gas pressure, etc. I've been doing a little bit after I give him baths at home and it's been really fun. 

If you're in the area, you can check out their website here -- it was a really great experience and can be a good way for other moms to meet since having a baby that young can feel isolating sometimes.

2. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream

I know I've shared about this before, but I still use it consistently and this week I stopped into my local Ulta to grab a lighter shade since summer has come to an end. 🙁

I'm not quite pale enough for it yet, so I've been mixing the darker one I have and it's been working well!

3. Promised Land Dairy Eggnog

I looked back for last year's post and I didn't share about this until November 30th. Well GUESS WHAT? This amazing eggnog is back in stores a month and a half earlier than when I experienced it last year.

If you like eggnog, you must find this and drink it all. I drank it all the time when I was pregnant with Miles and would finish a bottle in two days. Whoops. I would even drink it in my car after I got it at the store. It's amazing I can't even begin.

4. Athleta Rock Ridge Primaloft Jacket

I got this jacket at Athleta and even though I will probably only get a few weeks of use out of it because the temperatures change pretty drastically around here, it's been really nice!

It's thin, lightweight, and the details make me feel like I'm wearing a cool leather/motorcycle jacket even though I'm not and probably not cool enough to pull that off. Either way, it's a really well made transitional jacket to winter!

5. Tasty Pins

This one isn't going to be very exciting if you're not a blogger, but I recently bought the Tasty Pins plugin for WordPress. I've known about it for awhile, but it was always on my list of to-dos that never got done. 

The plugin, created by the team at Pinch of Yum, provides a separate section for you to add a Pinterest caption instead of including it in your alt tag image field, which is not where it should go yet where Pinterest pulls captions from when people pin your content. 

Image alt tags are descriptions of what is in an image so that those who are visually impaired know what they are supposed to be looking at. For example, the image of the jacket above should have an alt tag of "woman with blonde hair in black jacket." Not very exciting, but that's what is supposed to go in that field. If Pinterest pulled that as your image caption, that would be unhelpful for your pin, so most people put the pin caption in that field instead. The problem is then that Google reads your image as the caption you write, which is also not helpful in Google. So basically, with this plugin you can put your Pinterest caption in one field and your alt text in another and everyone is happy. VOILA.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hurray, hurray! So glad you’re enjoying Tasty Pins 🙂 If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We love hearing from you! Have a great weekend, Team Tasty

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