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Five Things Friday #242

Happy Friday!

What happened this week? I can't even remember. Every day I spent thinking it was a different day of the week, so I'm really turned around for some reason. I had a chaotic day with my phone on Monday (see below), but after that the rest of the week was manageable. 

Today, Miles is six months old (!). We have his six month appointment and shots later this morning, and I'm hoping that they go a little better than his four month ones did. I'm excited to see how he's grown in two months and find out what he actually weighs. My little guy is turning into a person. ๐Ÿ™‚

This weekend we don't have many plans, but I realized that there are Halloween things happening around the city that we might try and go to. I never paid attention before this year because I didn't have a child, but it looks like there's tons to do. Wish us luck!

I hope you guys had a great week and have an even better weekend. Here are the things I'm loving this week!

1. Wool Dryer Balls

I'm really not as environmentally conscious as I *should* be, but I've known about these dryer balls for a couple years. I was waiting to finish up the dryer sheets we have, but we have approximately 112358 left, so I decided to just abandon that plan and order these.

They're used in place of dryer sheets, which actually have a ton of chemicals in them. These are simply wool balls that you add in with the clothes in the dryer. They still cut down on static and are advertised as speeding up drying time, which I actually did notice. Others online mentioned they weren't sure that they dried any faster, but in my experience they did. 

Another suggestion I got was to add a couple drops of essential oils to them if you want to add a scent to the clothes, although for this particular brand it says to add oils on a non-heat dryer setting (is that a thing?), so choose what's best for you. I bought this brand and they are under $10!

2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Nail Polish

I was going to say just this color of nail polish, but I realized that every one of these Insta-Dry polishes I have are so good. They have the BEST brush of any nail polish I've used and they dry so quickly, which is good when I have a baby that I need to play with at regular intervals. It's supposed to be a 3-in-1 w top and base coat, but I still top it with Sally Hansen Quick Dry polish as a top coat to make sure it dries quickly!

3. Fleece Sleepbags by Carter's

So Miles inadvertently graduated from his sleep suit this week. I had to wash both of them at the same time because he had peed in them overnight and I was trying to get the laundry done before he needed to nap again. Unfortunately, he got really cranky before that happened, so I tried this sleepbag out again. I had ordered it during a sale and tried it once before a month or so ago, but he wasn't ready for it. 

He fell asleep and also took another nap later on, so I tried it overnight and he's been in it now for three days. Looks like someone is growing up!

I like these fleece ones since it's almost winter and also because we like to keep it relatively cool at night. Many other brands have no arms, but I really like these ones and ordered more because he is a peeing machine.

4. Christmas decorations at World Market

I stopped into World Market the other day and bought this little tree. Believe me, they had a couple other tree variations that I wanted to also get, but didn't want to go too crazy seeing as how it's still October.

I just love green so this little tree in different shades of it made my heart happy.

5. iPhone 11 Pro

I have had such insanity surrounding my phone(s) recently. From it being stolen, to having to buy a totally new one, to having someone repair my cracked screen with an inoperable one and leaving me without a phone all of Monday, to say it's been an adventure is an understatement. 

All that aside, I now have the new iPhone 11 Pro which I really just bought for the updated camera. To be fair, the upgrades to this model were already standard on the last model of the Google Pixel, but I'm just so comfortable with an Apple phone that I couldn't bring myself to make the switch. I honestly think that the new Pixel is better, but this is still an upgrade from the X, so I'll take it!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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