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Five Things Friday #245

Happy Friday!

It's so crazy to me that it's already halfway through November. (I feel like people always say this no matter what time of year it is - no?). Anyway, I put up the Christmas tree already because it brings me much more joy than Thanksgiving, so we've been enjoying that. Sadly, the plug got messed up when we packed it away last year, so the lights sometimes light up and sometimes don't. We may have to figure out a solution for that. 

This weekend we actually have some plans and are going to a family dog yoga event on Sunday which should be AMAZING. I probably won't even do yoga and will just spend time introducing Miles to other dogs, but that sounds better to me anyway. Keep an eye out on Instagram if you want to follow along. Other than that, I'm hoping to get at least a nap or two in before the week starts again.

Whatever you have going on this weekend, I hope you have the best time. Here are some of my faves from this week!

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1. Baby Milestones 

This week Miles was able to reliably sit up on his own (he's 6.5 months). Any other pictures I've shared on here of him sitting have been me propping him and and snapping furiously before he topples over a few seconds later. He could sit for a little bit if he reached forward to his feet, but whenever he turned his head sideways or to look behind him, he would always fall over.

This week he seems to have figured it out and uses his arms to help steady himself. It's the cutest thing and he is always so proud of himself.

2. Ultrean Air Fryer

I feel like air fryers were a thing some years ago and then they lost their place in the spotlight and now they're back again. Neil bought this one and we have been throwing all kinds of things in it. 

It cooks your food in a fraction of the time and with little to no oil (I still put a small amount on veggies or I feel like they don't cook correctly). It's SUPER easy to use and and so far we have made: chicken, salmon, broccoli, peppers, sweet potato fries, apples, and probably more things in it. I bought some potatoes to make fries so maybe we will do that this weekend.

Clean up is also super easy and I'm really excited for all the things we can make!

3. Air Fryer & Instant Pot Cook Time Magnets

I saw these magnets on Amazon for less than $10, so I bought them immediately. Rather than having to look up all the different temperatures, water amounts, and cook times for different foods, these magnets have them all for you. I put the two larger ones on the fridge and the smaller one actually sticks to the side of your Instant Pot for even more convenience. So helpful!

4. Trader Joe's Chocolate Lava Gnocchi

So I still haven't had the regular cauliflower gnocchi that swept the internet like wildfire. I think it was one of those things I saw too many times so I didn't want it - ha.

Someone recently told me about these though and when chocolate is in the picture, it's a whole other story. I cooked these from frozen in the air fryer - 400 degrees for 11 min - and they were really good. I would have liked a little more CHOCOLATE LAVA, but overall I enjoyed them. 

The directions say to cook on a pan, but I didn't try that way and I'm not sure if these are like the regular ones where following the directions makes them a weird consistency, so if you have other recommendations, let me know in the comments!

5. Lil Chizler Scraper

My friend Lindsay posted these on her Instagram stories and I bought them immediately. #influenced

Neil always makes smoothies with frozen greens and they ultimately end up on the counter and then dry to it. It's a real pain trying to wipe them off once they've dried, but with these I can just scrape them up and VOILA. I'm excited to try them on stickers and things too so hopefully I don't have to use razor blades anymore that come perilously close to slicing my fingers off. 🙂

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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