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Five Things Friday #246

Happy Friday!

I'm not sure what happened this week, but I felt WORN OUT. I took more naps than normal and hence here is your one and only post for the week. I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but I've just felt tired in my soul. Miles still wakes up maybe 3-4 times a night, so maybe that caught up with me. Anyhoo, took a little rest time this week and I'm not mad about it. 

This weekend I'm heading to Michigan to visit my friend Ashley, so we will see how overnight travel with a slightly more alert child is. I grabbed a Pack and Play from FB Marketplace, so I'm not worried about where he will sleep. I'd love for him to sleep with me, but he's never been very into it and always wants to squirm and roll around. We are leaving nice and early -- whenever he wakes up first in the morning which ranges between 4 and 5 am. Then it's PARTY TIME. 

I hope you guys had a great week and an even better weekend. Here are some of the things I've loved from this week and make sure to let me know some of yours in the comments!

1. Thank You Popcorn Holiday Flavors

I've shared about Thank You Popcorn before when they sent us a bunch of flavors to try, but I'm sharing again because they have new holiday flavors and OMG.

I don't even really like popcorn, but when I saw they had a maple eggnog flavor, I had to have it. I feel like eggnog-flavored things aren't always great or don't taste like eggnog, but this popcorn is so good. Eggnog all the way. 

They also tossed in a peppermint bark which has bits of chocolate and peppermint in it and it's also a great choice. They're super affordable and I think they would make great gifts for the holidays if you're looking for ideas. They have a ton of other flavors which you can check out here.

Don't forget you can use the code ERINSPOP for $2 off. 🙂

2. Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The largest Starbucks in the WORLD opened here last Friday, and I was finally able to stop in this week without having to wait in horrendous lines (opening day there was a 5-hr wait). It took over the previous 4-story Crate & Barrel that was on Michigan Avenue and has a lot of really interesting things inside. 

The first floor they roast the beans, have merchandise, and you can order your regular drinks and get snacks. The second is a larger assortment of food items from Princi Bakery. The third floor is an experiential coffee bar where you can get coffee prepared all kinds of fancy ways and choose from a really well-designed menu. Also more snacks. The fourth floor is a cocktail bar and also has non-alcoholic options such as coldbrew aged in whiskey barrels. The fifth is the rooftop, but I'm not sure if it's even open because it's cold here in the city. I didn't check.

Overall, it's a really cool space with cool options, but it's also pretty pricey. My regular Starbucks drink was about $2 more than at any other Starbucks which didn't make much sense to me. It's a neat place to go and visit, but it's definitely not going to become my new neighborhood Starbucks. Definitely check it out if you get the chance, splurge on a $17 flight of coffee, and call it a day.

3. Cookies for a Cause

I just made this name up, but last week I noticed a comment on one of my Instagram posts that made me contact that person. She mentioned that part of her eating disorder recovery was baking and selling cookies and I thought that was so amazing. She took something that was controlling her life, leaned into it, and found a way to turn it into something good.

I told her I wanted to buy some and I picked them up over the weekend. Currently the only way order them is by contacting her on Instagram, so if you want to help support, you can find her account here. Send her a DM!

4. Trader Joe's Eggnog Greek Yogurt

Guys, I was influenced. One my of IG followers told me about this yogurt and I went the next day. As mentioned in #1, I'm always a little wary about eggnog-flavored things, but this was good! Just the perfect amount of eggnog taste and didn't taste artificial. My only wish was that it was a little thicker because I really like thick Greek yogurt, but I'll definitely buy it again.

5. Crib Liner by Breathable Baby

I know the controversy around crib liners or bumpers or whatever you want to call them, so no need to let me know about it. 🙂

I got these to line one side of the crib for two reasons: 1) Since we have a one-bedroom, Miles is in the same room as us. Because of that, he can see us through the crib slats which sometimes is distracting to him when he's trying to fall asleep. 2) When he's napping I can't leave Donut in there because she will grab his pacifier out of his mouth and destroy it. That or any toys that I may have left in there.

I'm well aware of how Miles sleeps and he's never ended up close to the edge of the crib. We will use these for a little bit until he's more mobile because kids can also start using them to climb out, which we obviously don't want. Until then, I'm keeping an eye on him and they're a good solution for now!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

3 comments on “Five Things Friday #246

  1. I want that maple eggnog popcorn!

    I also identify with the cookies. I have found great joy in catering and volunteering at a community kitchen. I used to be terrified of food and now I feed people and make them happy 🙂

  2. Use them crib bumpers for whatever your family needs! Best of luck traveling with the little one this weekend. A sound machine to drown out noise can really help too.

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