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Five Things Friday #249

Happy Friday!

Woof. It has been a WEEK. Sunday afternoon Neil fed Donut a large amount of raw chicken fat which then caused diarrhea that lasted until today. That includes waking up throughout the night needing to go outside, which isn't a quick endeavor when you live in a high rise and need to dress for low temps to go outside. Couple that with a baby who still wakes up at night and I've been pretty drained all week. I took her to the vet on Thursday because I felt like it had been a long time, but the vet thinks that the fat is still the likely cause. We went home with some medicine, so hopefully she is back to normal soon.

Aside from that, the week was good. Miles is making a ton of advancements pretty quickly, which can feel a little emotional to me at times. Rather than him learning one new skill at a time, I feel like he's picked up at least three in the course of a week, so I felt a little overwhelmed at that and the fact that he's growing up so quickly. I love watching him learn and grow, but I'm ok if he takes his time. 🙂

This weekend is laid back and then next week Neil is home a lot because of Christmas. His brother's family is coming in on Christmas Day for a couple days to visit (mainly Miles), so that will be nice to see them all at one time. I hope whatever holiday plans you have go well and you're able to enjoy a little break from the regular daily bustle. 

To kick off the weekend, here are some things I'm loving this week - enjoy!

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1. Cauliflower Power Cookbook

My friend Lindsay has a new cookbook coming out on January 7th -- Cauliflower Power!

I'm so proud of her and the work she's done to get this published. I'm also proud that she has made so many recipes from breakfasts to desserts all including cauliflower. That's no easy feat!

I love that the longer I work creating content, the more I see my friends succeed with bigger projects and goals. It's so fun. All of the recipes are also gluten-free if that's something you or someone you know needs.

Again, it's released on Jan 7th, but you can preorder on Amazon now with this link!

2. Glitter on White Instagram Filter

I have never searched for and saved an Instagram filter until this week when I saw someone using this one - Glitter on White - in their stories. 

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I've been obsessed wit using it because I love sparkles and it makes me really happy. If you follow me on Instagram and see it in my stories, you can click on the name in the upper left hand corner and you will be able to save it for your own use if you want. 


3. Blue Evolution Rotini with Seaweed

There's nothing too special about this pasta aside from the fact that it has seaweed added to make it green (and offer some additional nutrients). It's still just wheat pasta, but it was fun making it this week to use with lunches because it was different than normal.

4. Biblioteque Candle by Byredo

This made the list a year or two ago and it's still my favorite candle, so I wanted to include it this week as well. This one was a gift that began my foray into expensive candles I probably have no business buying, but I love it so much and either ask for one or buy myself one for special occasions. 

I'm burning it as we speak and it was the best decision I made all day.

5. Don't F**K With Cats on Netflix

OMG. If you like crime/murder documentaries, you must watch this on Netflix. Here is some background:

Whenever Neil isn't home and I decide to watch TV, I spend forever trying to find something, not being satisfied with anything, and eventually turning the TV off. He was at a work event the other night and I saw this trailer on Netflix. I figured I would give it a shot and was instantly hooked. Like, didn't pick up my phone at the same time kind of hooked, which is a big deal for me. Ha. It's three episodes and I was 40 min away from finishing them all when he got home. Then I showed him the trailer and immediately started it from the beginning so he could watch it too. We have to finish it tonight, but I'm so obsessed with it.

I'm amazed at how an online community came together to track down this man who initially got attention because of videos of him killing cats. The first episode was a little uncomfortable because parts of the video are shown, but you can easily fast forward through them and not miss anything if it gets to be too much. After the first episode, it's not as emotional as that (at least for me). 

Watch the trailer, see what you think, and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. I’ve been a long time reader but rarely comment. You should be so proud of how far your journey has taken you. Miles is a beautiful baby and has the most gorgeous eyes. It’s so much fun to see how fast they grow and fill out into their own. Happy new year to all of you including donut!!! kim

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