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Five Things Friday #250

Happy Friday!

As you may have noticed, I took a little break over the holidays and it was really nice. We had Neil's family in town over Christmas and then we did absolutely nothing over New Years. Everything was great and it's nice to start getting back into a bit of a routine. 

As I mentioned in a previous Friday post, I finished up my postpartum exercise specialization, so I'm planning to get a post up about that in the next couple weeks because there's so little information on it, yet I feel like it's far more important than exercise during pregnancy. If you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments and if you have any content requests for this year, let me know there as well!

Here are some of the things I've been loving since I've talked to you. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are looking to get back into the swing of things!

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1. Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison

I follow Christy on Instagram and have always loved her anti-diet, real-life content. She recently wrote this book that I preordered immediately and received on Christmas Eve. I'm not completely done with it, but so much resonates with my own philosophies and also my own experiences with diet culture in our society. 

It's a well researched and well written book and I'm sure to finish it up this week. I highly recommend it if you're looking to break free of diet culture and take a historical look at how thinness as beauty came to be over the years. Also follow her on Instagram if you have it.

2. Face Socks

So this company popped up as an Instagram ad and while I normally would have laughed it off, my brother in law actually has a collection of funny socks and I figured this would be a great Christmas present (spolier alert: it was).

The website it really easy to use and I had these ordered in no time. I was also worried about the quality and that his face would stretch when you put them on, but they didn't. If for some reason you need to make socks with faces on them, I definitely recommend Face Socks. Haha.

3. Puzzle You

Continuing the Miles theme, one of my Christmas presents from Neil was this custom puzzle from Puzzle You. I love puzzles and I obviously love my son, so it was really fun to put this together. Be warned that it comes in a plain box without any idea of what the puzzle looks like, so I had to figure it out as the puzzle started coming together.

Another thing to note is that portrait mode pictures make hard puzzles because you're really just looking at a bunch of blurry colors. I'm just glad he didn't pick one with an all white background.

4. Kiwi Shoe Whitener

As much as I hate Neil's new Tik Tok obsession, this product came from one of the videos, so I guess I'll give it credit for that.

This is a shoe whitener (think shoe polish but white) and you use it to *surprise* whiten your shoes. Neil has a pair of white Allbirds that have become dingy even after washing, so I grabbed this at Target after he told me about it.

I tried it on one shoe and it was markedly whiter than the other, so I did the other and voila -- white shoes! It's a really cool find and now we just need to see if it stands the test of time for awhile.

5. Eggnog Flat White

Ok, this is actually a latte, but my other picture was at night and terrible, so you'll have to imagine it. 

You may remember that last year I had a SERIOUS obsession with eggnog. I bought some at the beginning of this season, but didn't have the same craving, so I didn't buy any more. Of course right as the holidays are ending I decide I want it again, so I went on a search to buy up all the bottles of my favorite kind.

My big present to Neil this year was an espresso machine, so he's been perfecting his craft and making all kinds of drinks for everyone. Although I'm still on a weird cold coffee kick (for several months), he made me an eggnog flat white which is just a shot of espresso with cold eggnog poured in it. It's delicious. Since the eggnog is cold and not steamed, it's kind of in the middle of a hot and cold coffee which makes me like it. It's so delicious, but I have to remind myself not to drink it at 4:30 pm. 🙂

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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