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Five Things Friday #254

Happy Friday!

This week has been really good -- I worked through some thoughts and feelings I was having about the body positivity movement thanks to a lot of conversations via social media and that helped me let go of a lot of pressure I was putting on myself. Miles and I went to the baby spa to check out their new sensory class, he had his 9 month checkup (see below), and we both got our hair cut. A busy week and I'm grateful for having to get out of the house because it prevented me from hibernating in what is now day 9 (I think?) of no sun in Chicago. Hopefully it comes back soon. 🙂

I have a lot of little errands to get done that I keep putting off and just adding to a running list instead of doing, so I'm hoping that I can work on that some today. WISH ME LUCK. This weekend is low key (my fave), then we are already into February somehow. Crazy! 

To wrap up the week, here are some of my faves for you. Enjoy!

1. Grounded by Jakki

Jakki recently reached out through Instagram to tell me about her line of jewelry aimed at destigmatizing mental illness and providing inspiration to the wearer. She generously offered to send me a bracelet and I got three (!) this week. I chose the phrase "prove them wrong," and you can get any custom phrase that helps you or someone else because each bracelet is hand stamped and unique.

There are copper, gold, and silver to choose from and they're really cute -- especially to layer. Her Etsy shop also has other types of jewelry to check out and different sized bracelets, so support her if you can and keep talking about mental illness!

Link to Etsy shop

Link to Instagram

2. New Haircut

It may not be a big deal to people who regularly get their hair cut more than once a year, but I managed to get in this week and I'm feeling pretty good about this level of self-care.

I'm still able to bring Miles for now, but I know soon enough he won't be still enough to just sit on my lap. He also got a little trim since he has so much hair, but nothing extreme, hence why you are being graced with this absurd picture of myself and not him. 🙂

3. Miles' 9 Month Check Up

This is the longest we have gone between check ups (3 months), so I was really excited to go this week and see where he was in terms of growth. He's always been under 1% on the growth curve for weight (totally normal as long as he continued growing and didn't plateau), and this time he had jumped up to 3%! Must be all those Bambas he's been chowing down on. 

Everything went really well and the next time we go will be at the one year mark. ONE YEAR?!

4. Aerie Bras

I got this bra at Aerie the other day because I've always heard great things about them, and I have to say they weren't wrong! I always just default to sports bras, but wanted to have an ACTUAL bra in case I need one. It was super easy -- I just went in, grabbed a couple different sizes, and found one that fit perfectly. They're also very affordable and this one is on sale right now.

Now I'm thinking about going back and getting some other ones!

5. Aerie Bathing Suit

I also picked out new bathing suits which I haven't bought in YEARS. I wanted to try on one of the high waisted bottoms that are in style and I really liked the way they looked, so I bought two. Bathing suits at Aerie are also on sale now, so stock up if you're in the market for one!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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