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Five Things Friday #255

Happy Friday!

Welcome to the end of the week! I'd like to thank everyone for the great reception on both this week's and last week's posts. It felt good to write them and even better to hear your comments.  I'm really appreciative to everyone for chiming in here and on Instagram so that we have these conversations.

This week has been good -- Miles and I got out of the house a couple times at the beginning of the week because the weather was so warm (like 40 ha), but as I write this it's been snowing for almost 24 hours, so we are hiding inside. I took this week off the gym because my heart just wasn't in it, and when that happens I know I need to take a little break and then come back rested and recharged. It's been nice in the mornings because we don't have to get up and go, so I bring him into bed with me and he can practice his crawling all over me, slapping me in the face, and examining my mouth with his hands. He also lets me snuggle him, so it's been really, really nice. 

This afternoon Neil's parents get here for the weekend, so we will be hanging out with them for a couple days. Other than that, nothing too exciting going on over here -- I hope you guys had a great week and a have an even better weekend!

1. Evo Fabuloso Pro Conditioner

I recently got a haircut and while I was there, I talked to my stylist about how dark my hair gets in the winter. He suggested coloring it, but I never have (aside from my trusty Sun In) and really like my natural hair color in the warmer months, so I wasn't ready to commit to that. I'm also someone who is terrified that it will go wrong and I'll never get my regular color back again, so I ruled that out.

He then suggested this color conditioner which is normally used on color treated hair in between colorings. You use it once a week and it maintains your color (or in my case adds a subtle oomph). I've used it once so far (will use again this weekend), and although at first I didn't notice much, as I've worn my hair down it does seem a little richer, but barely noticeable which is what I was going for. Each conditioner is custom mixed for you and if I decide I want a little more color, I can go back and they can take it up a notch. Really liking this for winter and didn't even realize it was an option!

As I mentioned, this one was specially mixed, but it looks like you can choose from many pre-mixed options as well!

2. Loft

I'm super behind the times, but this week I went with my friend to Loft so she could help me find some clothes to wear to some speaking engagements I have coming up. I used to be really into clothes, but since working in the fitness industry and then working from home, it's either athletic clothes or staying in my sweatpants most of the day. That being said, I felt really overwhelmed when trying to find outfits and Loft came to the rescue.

Apparently they also have sales NONSTOP, so I'll be heading back when I'm in need of new clothes!

3. Schitt's Creek Season 6

We've actually been watching this since it came out at the beginning of January, but for some reason I forgot to mention it in here. It's the sixth and last season of Schitt's Creek and I still love it so much. I'm going to be sad when it's over, but the good news is that I can just watch reruns on Netflix.

The current season is not on Netflix, and likely won't be until it's over, so if you're in the US, check out this article on how you can watch it since it's a Canadian TV show.

4. Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is not a new game or a new system (Nintendo Switch), but I kept telling Neil no whenever he would ask because I know myself and I know that I will lose hours of my day to this game. It never felt right as I was trying to grow my business and even right after I had Miles. 

For some reason, I felt ok with it last week and we went out over the weekend to get the Switch and the game. We also got Mario Kart which is always a favorite, but let's be real -- Zelda will forever have my heart. I've been playing it while Miles naps which is good for me because then I have a reason to actually stop playing. SO GOOD.

5. Simplifying Hunger E-book

My friend Sarah at Bucket List Tummy recently launched an e-book called Simplifying Hunger: How to Relearn and Relisten to Your Hunger Cues. She's a great dietitian and runner who takes a non diet approach to nutrition and fueling. I was able to take a look through the book and it also contains workbook-type sections to help you get back in touch with yourself and your hunger. It's also 60 pages long (!), so you're really getting a great value with it.

If this is something you struggle with, I'd highly suggest taking a look. You can find a link to the book here and her website is here.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

3 comments on “Five Things Friday #255

  1. I LOVE Loft! And yes their sales are non-stop so never buy anything full price. Wait for at least 40% off! I buy a lot of my work dresses there and it’s so easy. They’re flattering/updated but not too crazy/fashion forward. Classics… love the pieces you tried on especially that bright top~!

    So how much video games is too much per day? Asking because my boyfriend seems to play a lot.. probably 10+ hours per week. Thoughts? I get concerned because he does it even when there’s things to do around the house.. like washing his dishes or folding laundry (bad habits). Just want to know if I’m overreacting. … which I think I might be.

    1. I think it depends on what you two decide is “too much.” If you feel like regular household things are falling to the wayside, then it’s probably time to have a discussion about it. You guys talk about what works for you and then if the things you’ve decided on start falling through the cracks, it may be time for another conversation 🙂

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