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Five Things Friday #258

Happy Friday!

How is everyone holding up these days? I feel like parts of everyone's experience are so varied, but at the root of things we're all a little anxious and lost feeling. I hope you all are ok and hanging in there during this mess. 

Me, I haven't worked out in about 10 days and have been wearing the same clothes day in and day out because I don't really see the point. I've filled my free time with the soothing sights and sounds of Animal Crossing on our Switch (more on that below), and playing with Miles when he's awake. It's been hard creating content because I feel like just like my emotions these days, inspiration it comes in waves and spurts, so I just try and do things when it comes. Things are fine here; they're just not GREAT, you know? And I think most of us feel like that. Still, make sure you check in on people you care about even if you think they're doing fine.

One more plug for my post from the other day about recovery resources during isolation because it's so important and also so hard in isolation. If you or someone can benefit from it, please share.

Neil's birthday is next Tuesday, but because he will likely be working all day, we are planning to celebrate this weekend. Obviously we can't go out and do a lot, but we will still make it special at home. What are you guys up to? Let me know how you're holding up in the comments so we can keep in touch. 🙂

1. Miles' Milestones

Since we've been home and camped out in the bedroom most of the time he's awake, I've had a lot of time to work with him on things like standing and figuring out how to start walking (this may be a stupid idea 🙂 ). This week he started pulling himself up to standing and getting a little more comfortable going back to the floor. Yesterday, he let go of the mirror he was leaning against and stood for about 10 seconds before plopping back down.

He had a good fall the other day and ended up bruising his cheek and needing to be held for a good amount of time, so I'm trying to balance hovering and letting him figure things out on his own. His birthday is later this month, and I'm wondering if he may be walking by then. Please help me.

2. Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch

I played Animal Crossing for both the GameCube and the DS when it came out and I forgot how much I loved it. After beating Zelda, I bought this to play during down time when the baby is napping and it has brought me SO MUCH JOY. It's really calming and soothing, which is exactly what we all need during these times. I'm so so happy I got it.

3. Ozark Season 3

On the polar opposite of calming and soothing is the third season of Ozark which Neil and I finished this week on Netflix. I've loved this show since it came out, and was really excited to pick it back up again when it came out last Friday.

Just like the other two seasons, a lot happens and this season is just as heavy, if not heavier, than the others. I talked with a few people online who said they have to save it until everything with the quarantine and the virus have blown over, which I can understand.

Although it may be a tough watch for some, I really enjoyed this season and am happy that the show continues to put out such good seasons.

4. More Muffins

Guys, my muffin problem has not slowed down. In fact, I think it actually picked up this week. I've been making muffins every other day and honestly, eating most of them. I'm not really upset about it. 

I keep making these pumpkin apple lentil muffins by my friend Lindsay, just minus the apple because I don't have any. Miles loves them and I like that he's getting the lentils and pumpkin in there as he chows down. I also love them and Neil would say he does except I think he only got one out of the last batch.

I bought some more ingredients like beans, sweet potato, and banana to make some other varieties while I have all this time at home. If you have any good recipes, send them my way!

5. Branch Basics

I know I've shared about Branch Basics in the past, but I figured that now was a good time again given how often we are supposed to be cleaning surfaces. I've been using them for about a year now (maybe more actually) and have replaced all my other cleaners, including my detergent. I'm not someone who typically cares too much about buying brand name cleaners and their chemicals, etc., but when I had Miles and knew I would be wiping the counter where he eats a lot, I did pause and give those things a thought.

These work really well and have no odor (although you can add some essential oils if you'd prefer one). If you're looking to switch to a more natural cleaner, I'd definitely suggest these!

Note: I checked the website and it looks like the starter kit is currently sold out. The concentrate by itself is still available, so you could buy that and just look online for the ratios for each cleaner if you have any bottles around. You can also be added to a notification list when it comes back in stock if you want. This link will save you $10 if you want to try!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

2 comments on “Five Things Friday #258

  1. Oh, your little boy is so cute & look at all that hair!! ❤️ As a mom of 3, who are all grown now, I had to laugh when I read your post that you’re trying to “help” Miles learn to walk. OMG…that’s hilarious. I remember w/ my first child wanting him to walk as if it was somehow a reflection on whether I was a good mom or not (it’s not). Once he took off, I realized that I was kind of stupid to wish for that because life changes a great deal once they’re mobile & upright. My third child didn’t walk until she was 14 months old & I was perfectly fine to let her take as long as she wanted to. Relax .. he’ll walk soon enough & there’s no correlation between walking and intelligence.❤️

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