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Five Things Friday #261

Happy Friday!

Guys, tomorrow is Miles' first birthday. How did we get here?? I made his cake and took pictures last weekend, and ever since then I've been a little emotional about the upcoming date. I've been going through all the photo albums I made him since he was born and marveling at how small he used to be. I'll keep the motherly babbling to a minimum, since of course there will be an entire post dedicated to it, but let's just say I'm feeling all the feels.

It was announced yesterday that our shelter-in-place order will be extended until the end of May. While not entirely out of left field, it's still something to accept and adjust to. We had a family trip to Charleston planned for the middle of May, but had already decided a week or two ago that we would cancel it. It'll definitely be fun to go somewhere once all of this is over, but for now, home is where the heart is.

Thanks for your comments on my last post -- it's nice to hear from you guys and hear how quarantine life is working out for you in different places. Keep on hanging in there friends -- you got this.

*some affiliate links below

1. Silicone Stretch Lids

Consider this the time when I actually research the random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the day. When making things with pumpkin, I never use the whole can and then put saran wrap over it. I wondered if maybe there was something better and reusable that I could use instead and voila -- I found these silicone stretch lids on Amazon.

They fit over a variety of sizes and come in a pack of 12, so there are plenty to go around your household. They're AMAZING and I'm glad I actually took the time to research them!

2. Crossfit Hero WOD's

I really don't like doing workouts at home, but it's either that or running right now for exercise. Some days I prefer to go out solo and listen to music while I run, and sometimes I want to really push myself. I've been looking up some of the Crossfit Hero workouts so that Neil and I can do them together at home in the morning and it doesn't matter if Miles is awake because he can just hang out in his crib.

Hero workouts are a tribute to a fallen first responder or member of the military who died in the line of duty, so they tend to be pretty difficult. Some of them require equipment that we don't have at home, but there are many that can be done with none at all. I've been checking this site for ideas and the image is one that Neil and I did in our bedroom this week.

3. Long Resistance Band

I have a bunch of short resistance bands that I used to take with me when I trained clients, but this week I bought a long one that I can use to add resistance to bodyweight movements since we only have one set of 20-lb dumbbells at home. Those are good for lower body movements, but you're not going to catch me doing 20-lb bicep curls, which is where this band comes in. The longer bands are also good for mobility work, so I think Neil and I will both get a lot of use out of this one.

4. The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen is the newest Guy Ritchie movie and I really liked it. I've seen all the other Guy Ritchie movies, but I find that I usually have to actually pay attention to them (rather than half pay attention on my phone) because there's a lot of story to understand.

This one had those same elements, but it also captured my attention and had a lot of actors and actresses that I really like. Definitely recommend!

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Travel App

Since Animal Crossing has become the way that I deal with my anxiety and uncertainty, it should come as no surprise that I also paid $2.99 for an app to accompany it.

The app is amazing and because you've already paid for it, there aren't any ads or nonsense to take away from user experience. It lists all the possible fish, bugs, and fossils in the game, including when they are available, where, and how much they sell for. You can keep track of the ones you already have and see which ones you still need. There's also lists of all the DIY recipes and upcoming events to look forward to. Best $2.99 I've spent so far.

Unfortunately, it's only available on iPhone for the moment, but hopefully they will also make an Android version if that what OS you have.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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