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How Are You Quarantining?

Hi friends. I realize that the days of copious comments on blogs seem to have passed, but since we really don’t have many other ways of communicating during this time, I’d love to hear from you about how life is going these days. How’s it treating you? How are you coping?

This week is the first week that I have felt somewhat like myself. I’ve felt a little less fuzzy, a little more upbeat, and like I can do more than watch after my son and play Animal Crossing. I’m still not wearing real clothes (heaven forbid), but I am showering more regularly and trying to wash my hair before it turns into a giant nest that I need to spend 10 minutes painfully brushing out before washing.

I’m going to try and break this up into sections so it’s not one rambling thought pile, so here are the things I’m doing to make this quarantine more bearable.


I’m usually in a good place with understanding myself and my needs, but I know it can be overwhelming to see all kinds of messages about what you should and shouldn’t be doing during these unprecedented times. There are posts on social media telling you to give yourself grace (which doesn’t always work for me), don’t put pressure on yourself, and that any way you’re coping is fine. Then there are opposing posts telling you to maintain routines, make yourself exercise, and keep things as normal as they can be. The same message may be inspiring to one, while overwhelming another. As always, my helpful reminder to take what you need and leave the rest. Take in content, but always reflect and see how is resonates with you. You know yourself best.

For someone who previously exercised an average of five days a week, quarantine has turned me into a once weekly, maybe twice, exerciser. I simply can’t find the motivation and am not always an advocate of forcing myself. As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m feeling a bit more like myself lately, which has led to an increased desire to move my body, which can also likely be attributed to improving weather. Either way, I’ll take it. Since I can’t throw heavy weights around right now, I’m surprisingly finding myself being drawn back to running, something that I took a long hiatus from after burning out several years ago.

It’s been nice. It’s relaxing. It’s free. It’s uncomplicated. It can be meditative, when I’m not plotting my course ahead to avoid unseen potential pathogens carried by others on my path. I hope to continue enjoying it.

I talked with Neil about this the other day and I think my initial exercise plummet at the beginning of all this was likely due to having to make another routine change that I wasn’t ready for. You may remember that when I had to stop bringing Miles to the gym with me and go during times when I could be there alone with him, I was pretty devastated. It was a hard adjustment, and one that I was only starting to more fully accept. Then we were quarantined and I was required to make another routine shift that I just don’t think I was ready to do emotionally. So I put it on the back burner and figured I’d come back to it when I was ready. Maybe the ready is here; we will see how it shakes out.

Right now my current routine is pretty simple:

  • wake up with Miles
  • spend the morning with our little family
  • make my own version of my Starbucks drink (or visit a store if I’m having a tough mental health day)
  • put Miles down for a nap
  • use nap time to do work, play Animal Crossing, or exercise depending on day/mood
  • play with Miles when he wakes up/eat lunch
  • put him down for nap two
  • work or video games
  • play with Miles until bedtime
  • dinner
  • hang out with Neil
  • sleep

I base any additional activities on my energy level, which can vary from day to day. OH – and muffins. I’ve been making all the muffins because it’s something to do when Miles is awake and I also discovered he loves them, so I’ve baked more this past month than I have the past year for sure.

So yeah, I’ve been trying to go with the flow which works some days and is harder on others. I think we can all relate.


Miles turns one this Saturday. I can’t believe it. More on that in an upcoming post, but just wanted to throw that out there.

He’s been great through all of this. Obviously, he has no idea what is going on; he just knows that we spend a LOT of time in the bedroom while his dad is on work calls in the living room. We have a finite supply of toys, but he doesn’t seem to mind and is great at independent play.

He’s been pulling himself up and cruising around the furniture for maybe two weeks now. He’s also stood unassisted a couple of times, which has me keeping an eye out for a potential walker in the near future. He has picked up a lot of skills pretty quickly, which I am attributing to all the play time he has had while we’re home. The days of popping him in a stroller for long walks or trips are over, so he’s been able to crawl around and practice his mobility a lot more. Any day now…

He’s really been a great source of joy for me during this time. On tougher days, I may only be able to manage lying on the bed to watch him play and assure he doesn’t kill himself, but that watching makes me happy. Having him crawl over to me makes me happy. Watching him smile and flick me off when I tell him not to play in the plant soil makes me happy. He’s a real lifesaver.

My relationship

Neil and I had some tense moments at the beginning of quarantine in trying to figure out how to work and coexist in the same space. We made sure to communicate about how to do things and how we were feeling. It’s not perfect, but we seem to have found a routine that works for us.

It’s been good to have him home because then I don’t have to coordinate what to do with the baby when Donut needs a walk or figuring out how to exercise. I’m able to leave for a run when Miles goes down for a nap and Neil is there in case he wakes up or has any problems.

Honestly, we love spending lots of time together and always have. It’s almost better with him working from home now because there isn’t additional transit time at the start and end of the day. We’ve been going for walks around empty parking lots (ha) as a family and watching TV at night. That part is still pretty normal.

Ultimately, as long as we are open in our communication, we can work through any issues that come up. Like my favorite relationship quote: “If you can talk about anything, you can get through everything.”

Your turn.

What have you been doing? How have you been feeling? What helps you feel normal? Do you get to go out in nature?? I miss trees.

Let me know. Hang in there. 🙂

9 comments on “How Are You Quarantining?

  1. Hi Erin! As always I love your honesty in these posts. It’s good to hear from somebody that is trying to balance putting pressure on themselves to stay in a routine and then being kind to yourself …. because there’s nothing routine about this time. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I am a fitness instructor and was used to waking up very early to teach classes. In the beginning I was doing that and just working out on my own to make sure that I “didn’t lose my morning routine.“ However now I’ve been much more kind tomyself and I’m starting an hour or two later than I normally would, opening emails, walking the dog, and drinking my tea. While there is a part of me that wants to get back to my 5 AM routine, I need to accept that this time is different and I don’t want to force motivation when it’s simply not there. That just leads to unhappiness and stress, and I never seem to know why. Does that make sense?

    As for my little family we are trudging along. I think the beginning was hard for us as we didn’t really know how to coexist for 24 hours seven days a week. Since then we’ve been talking more. We’re trying to understand each other’s needs and knowing that we need to have a little more grace for each other. We’ve been doing a lot of walks together at night, and getting out on hikes on the weekend as much as we can. Our dog, maple, has been loving that of course. I think she and donut would get along very well! Because maple donuts are awesome!

    Thanks for the post!

    And of course I am so thankful to be sober during this time. I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if I were still struggling with alcohol.

    1. It sounds like you guys are adjusting so well! It. Everything sounds so productive and peaceful 😂 I’m sure it took a bit to get there and there are still ups and downs, but glad you’re making the best of a tough situation ❤️❤️

  2. I’m struggling, for sure. I wake up with all these aspirations and goals (I told myself I was going to clean the bathroom today but so far I’ve taken a nap). I’m struggling with my eating and have lost weight. I spent the first 2 weeks home with my boyfriend but he’s back at work so I’m alone all day and I honestly don’t know which one is better. There’s going to be a permanent divot on the couch where I spend my whole day. I’m depressed and anxious but like you said some days are better than others. I’m exhausted all the time and just sort of…idk..moving through the motions? And there aren’t a lot of motions to go through.

    Thank you for allowing a safe space for people to be honest on how they are doing. We are all in this together regardless of how apart we may feel.

    Miles pictures and videos help 🙂

    1. I relate to all of that. If I didn’t have a baby to take care of, I’d likely be right there w you! Like I said, some days all I can do is move from one room to the other and just watch him 🤷‍♀️

      I’m grateful that the past couple days I have felt a little better and have had a little more energy, so I’m going to try and hold on to that for a bit. Hang in there Laura ❤️❤️

  3. Erin! This is one of your first posts I’ve read all the way through. I follow you on Instagram and often respond to your stories. I love that you respond too.
    I’m glad you are doing well overall. I am here in a house with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and baby niece. I feel grateful that I am able to be with so much of my family when stuck at home.
    I’ve had my ups and downs, but have been trying to stay relatively positive throughout the whole situation.
    The two things that have been tough are being in a new relationship and doing long distance because he is an essential worker and I’m with my family. Although we are truly getting to know each other on a more emotional level which is great. The other thing that has been difficult is having motivation to get my homework/work done.
    Love your content ♥️ Stay well.

    1. Hi hope! Thanks for commenting ❤️

      The relationship stuff has to be hard – I read an article about how people newly dating are coping and if they’ve decided to quarantine together or apart and it was so interesting to read bc obv I’m stuck w this guy (haha jk).

      Hope you’re hanging in there. Lots of love!

  4. How I am doing? I don’t know. There’s days where I’m very glad to be healthy and that my whole family is too and that my 93-year old granny is well cared for. And that the authorities of my country of residence are doing quite a good job. And there’s days where I feel quite low, where I really worry about my freelance business and about how the whole situation is going to evolve as a whole. I miss going on hikes or simply having coffee with a friend… but I’m glad to be able to go for a run or take a virtual yoga class. I guess this too shall pass?

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