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Five Things Friday #269

Happy Friday!

I hope your week went well and everyone is hanging in there. I've been decorating up a storm as usual, which I realized it mainly a way for me to control things while the world is so crazy right now. It gives me something positive to focus my attention on and is far better than other destructive ways I could try and assert control. It's a coping mechanism for sure, so I just have to be vigilant in allowing myself breaks to feel what I'm feeling because ignoring it will cause more problems later on. It's crazy right now guys, so if you're in the same boat, you're definitely not alone.

One good thing this week was that our home gym started coming together. I share about it as one of my faves this week, but it was really nice to get moving and lift some weights again. I'm still planning on taking things easy, but having this gym equipment right in our backyard is going to be really awesome. We also met with our designer for the kitchen/bath renovations, so that got us excited too because we are moving right along to hopefully start in September. I'm looking forward to how everything turns out, even if it does mean that we have to be out of the house again for three weeks. Worth it.

So here are some of my favorites from this week. Let me know some of yours!

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1. Fake plants

I've shared about my love for plants many times, but now I'm here to also profess my love for fake plants. It's not something I thought I would be doing, because I've mostly seen horrendous fake plants, but during a local trip to Home Goods, I found a LOT that actually looked really good! I bought one that day, then liked it so much that I knew I had to go back and get more -- like six more. 🙂

I chose good looking fake plants for areas of the house that don't get as much sunlight as I'd like. That means these shelves in our bedroom and the bookcase that we have in our entryway. I have a lot of real plants that I'm worrying about keeping alive, so it's really nice to have these as decoration and not have to worry about them dying on me.

2. Corn Cookie Mix at Trader Joe's

I went grocery shopping the other day without having breakfast and needless to say I was a ravenous pregnant woman roaming the aisles of Trader Joe's. This corn cookie mix caught my eye and I doubt I'd normally buy it, but I love cornbread and I love cookies, so suddenly it wound up in my cart.

It's super easy to make -- just the mix, butter, and an egg -- and they turn out like a mix between cornbread and sugar cookies. They're actually really good and even Neil has eaten multiple ones in a row which is saying something because he doesn't have that much of a sweet tooth. Definitely happy with this spontaneous purchase. 🙂

3. Home gym

So it's not 100% done yet, but this week the contractors came and reinforced the floor, added rubber matting, and added a new window in the back! They also put together our squat rack for us, so that night we had our first home workout, which was also my first real workout in about two months. Needless to say I definitely felt it the next day, but it felt great to get moving again.

It's a pretty small space, so we are actually reassessing the rack that we bought. It's a short rack, which we discovered also means the pull up bar is a little too short to be able to do what we need to. We are looking at other options and may actually need to swap this one for another one, but I'll report back on that. For now it's a good start!

4. Moisture Meter for plants

I saw one of these on someone's Instagram and bought it immediately. It's a very simple meter that measures the moisture of the soil that your plants are in. On the back is also printed a list of plants and what their moisture level should be, so I can reference that when checking out mine.

It's SO helpful and I highly suggest getting one if you have plants so you can avoid overwatering them to death!

5. Free People Onesie aka "Squirrel Suit"

I saw this also on Instagram from someone I follow and bought it immediately. This is rare for two reasons: 1. I don't really care about clothes that much and 2. It's more expensive than I normally spend on myself.

It came this week and I love it so much that I bought a second one. I first bought the olive green color and then I bought the one in this picture which is set to arrive tomorrow. It's SO COMFY and it has pockets and I just love it. I was worried because I'm short, but the straps in the back are adjustable so you can make it shorter. I found the straps to be a little loose over time, but if you just tie a knot in the back then they will stay put.

You can see all the color options here and like all the reviews, definitely size down because it runs pretty big. I usually wear a S or M and went with an XS, which was a great choice. DO IT.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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