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Five Things Friday #270

Happy Friday!

I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on because I skipped the last two Friday posts. Whoops. The first one was because the day before I had received some info at my 20 week anatomy scan that I wasn't too pumped about (more on that in a bit) and couldn't really muster the energy to talk about things I liked when I really needed to just sit and feel what was going on with me. Then I realized that I haven't been super excited about these posts because I wasn't sure if you guys actually enjoyed reading them, so I took to my trusty friend Instagram to ask. Turns out a lot of you actually do and were still supportive of my monthly vs. weekly suggestion, even if it meant less of these. Honestly, I'm still deciding, but for now let's keep things the way they have been. K? Cool.

So a couple weeks ago I had my 20 week ultrasound and while thankfully everything is fine with the baby, we did discover that I have complete placenta previa, which means that my placenta is completely covering my cervix. I drew a nifty little diagram on Instagram explaining what that looks like since I got a lot of messages from other women who weren't sure what that even meant. Apparently us women need to brush up on our anatomy - haha. I'm not exempt; I didn't know all of this in detail until I was pregnant with Miles.

Anyhoo, what this means is that if my placenta stays covering my cervix, then a vaginal delivery is DEFINITELY out and I'd have to have a repeat c-section. It's not what I was hoping for, but there's still time for it to move as my uterus expands and my pregnancy progresses. I have another ultrasound in about six weeks to get an updated view of things, but for right now I'm just going to expect to need another c-section and be pleasantly surprised if I don't. It took a day or two of processing, but I'm ok with whatever the outcome is.

Since I've last talked to you, I've taken Miles on lots of adventures. We went peach picking, played with farm animals, and just took a bunch of outings in the afternoons following his nap. It's been fun to explore where we live in a safe, outdoor setting, and I like being able to expose him to as many different experiences as possible.

Our home renovations finally have a start date around the end of this month! It was originally estimated that we would have to be out of the house for about three weeks, but it's looking more like 4-5 when all is said and done. We plan to stay with Neil's cousin again, but are also taking a vacation to the beach for about 10 days in the middle of it so that we don't feel like we are overstaying our welcome. 🙂 While Miles and I get a lot of outdoor/adventure time, Neil hasn't had an actual vacation in forever, so it will be nice to get away and relax as a family. We've been busy making hardware and decorative selections with the designer and can't wait to see our new kitchen and bathrooms once we get back home. Another big plus is that it'll all be done before the holidays - phew.

I think those are the biggest updates since we talked last. Life has been busy, but good, and we've been working to settle in to a new setting amidst so much chaos in the world right now. I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. Lots of love to all of you. 🙂

Without further ado, here are my overdue favorites this Friday.

1. Return to tea

I've had many back and forth tea and coffee phases. I couldn't drink my vanilla sweet cream cold brews from Starbucks during my first trimester because they made me feel super nauseous, but I was able to tolerate them again up until a week or two ago. This time, it wasn't the creamy part of it, but the caffeine. My body reacts in every possible way to caffeine EXCEPT the one it's supposed to - giving me an extra pep and energy for the day. I either get really tired, feel like my stomach is a cavernous pit, or that my heart is going to explode. I finally decided to try going back to tea this week because even though that drink is delicious, the negative effects didn't outweigh the positive for me.

Thankfully, because of my monthly subscription with Sips By for MANY years, I have a good stockpile of tea and it's been fun going through and finding new ones to try each morning. Plus, my wallet has been much happier. I'm super picky about my tea and only like black ones, which is why I'm glad that they offer a questionnaire that helps personalize your tea to you each month. I've talked about it many times over the year, but if you're into tea, definitely try them out (and FORERIN gets you 50% off).

2. Hanging planter

I knew I wanted a hanging planter in the bedroom and I finally got around to getting hooks for it the other week. I love the ones I got from Amazon (they come as a two-pack), but didn't love that they didn't come with hooks. No biggie, but it just took me a bit to get out to grab some. I've only hung one up so far and I'm not sure where the second will go, but I love the way it looks in the room. 

Also, I just put the whole pot in the planter rather than potting the plant itself in there, so when it's time to water all I have to do is take out the pot and add some water. They do come with stoppers for the hanging planter if you do want to pot the plant in the planter itself, that way water won't drip out when you water it. 

3. Homemade peach jam

The orchard where Miles and I went to pick peaches was having a special where if you buy a peck (11 lbs), you get a second for free. Obviously, I'm a sucker for a deal and actually came home with about 25 lbs of peaches. In case you need help visualizing, that's a LOT of peaches.

My mom always used to make peach jam at home and it's one of my favorites, so I mustered up the courage to try and it turned out great! I used the recipe that she used to use (the one from the box of pectin) and it worked perfectly. All my jars sealed and my jam set and I couldn't be happier (except maybe if I had made more).

I was still left with a ton of peaches, so I made a peach pie, froze some, and saved some just to eat. I'm really embracing the south over here with my canning escapades. 🙂

4. Chicago Skyline Candle

My sister in law sent me this candle from Uncommon Goods that has the Chicago skyline wrapped around the base and it's super cute! It also smells great which is a good bonus. They'd make good gifts, or even just grab one for yourself -- there's Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, and D.C.

5. High Score on Netflix

I admit I loved this limited documentary series on Netflix because I also love video games, but even if you don't, learning about the whole history of the industry is really fascinating. Neil and I watched this over a couple of nights after Miles had gone to sleep and it was one of the few shows recently where I actually paid attention and wasn't also on my phone at the same time. Highly recommend!

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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