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Five Things Friday #273

Happy Friday!

I'm reporting this week from Neil's cousin's house in Raleigh since we left ours Tuesday morning so the renovations could start. We will be out for approximately a month, but it's only about 40 min away, so we can still stop by periodically if need be. Miles has a doctor's appointment and I have my follow-up ultrasound to check if my placenta has moved at all during the next month, so I'm sure I will be stopping by to peek in on the renovations. Thankfully, Miles didn't have much of an issue adjusting to things when we got back here and has been sleeping pretty well (knock on wood).

Speaking of Miles, he has been walking a lot more, so I've been taking him to places that are pretty flat and open to let him walk around. He's gotten pretty fast (thankfully no running yet) and has also gotten very quick at climbing stairs, so I'm definitely keeping busy making sure I have an eye on him at all times. It's fun to watch, but also exhausting some days, so I try and find places to take him that keep him occupied rather than just sitting around the house. If you have any suggestions for keeping a speedy toddler occupied, let me know!

I hope you guys are hanging in there. It seems like there's a new news topic every week when I show up here and this whole year has felt especially heavy. Make sure you check in with someone and talk about what's going on; we have a lot more in common than I think we realize. Hang in there and cheers to a good weekend for everyone. 🙂

1. Chobani Sweet Cream Creamer

I was perusing the grocery store aisles this week and stopped when I saw this sweet cream coffee creamer by Chobani. To be honest, I have bought their oat milk before and wasn't terribly impressed, but this is DELICIOUS. For some reason, whenever I stay at this house I want to have plain drip coffee with sugar and cream in the morning and this has made a wonderful addition. (I'm still drinking decaf because caffeine has been so weird to me).

I drank some out of the carton before using it and I knew it was correct because it tasted like melted ice cream. YUM. Also, the ingredients are great: milk, cane sugar, and cream. I had a couple people on IG tell me that all of their creamer options are good and they even have a pumpkin spice one right now so try it out!

2. Michael's English Muffins

This may just be tease if you're not in the Raleigh area since they don't ship, but Michael's English Muffins is a store that makes - you guessed it - homemade English muffins. You can buy them by the pack or you can stop by and get one of their different sandwiches on an English muffin. My cousin gave me a pack of plain muffins a month or two ago and since then I've meant to go buy more. Thankfully, now that we are in Raleigh, I can stock up.

I went with Miles the other day and we split a warm PB&J and I brought home more of a lunch sandwich for Neil. I realized when I got home that there are only four in a package, so I'll have to go back soon. 🙂

(photo courtesy of their IG page)

3. Magnum Ice Cream Bars

I had a craving for ice cream bars, so I grabbed these at the store the other day. I would have gotten regular-sized, but they only had these. When I got home and took one out, I realized it was smaller than my hand and more appropriately sized for Miles, so of course I had two. They're great, but if you get them, get the full-sized ones for sure.

4. Maternity shirt @ Target

I bought this on a whim the other day because it looked very fall-ish and I don't have a lot of shirts like this, yet always like them on other people. I tried finding it on the Target website and it wasn't there for me to share, but check for it at your local store if you're interested. It's cozy and has a tie to make it a little more form-fitting.

I only bought one maternity top with Miles (everything else I had stretched to fit), and I don't foresee me buying a lot more, but everyone loves a spontaneous Target purchase. 🙂

5. Self-taken maternity photo

Continuing with the pregnancy theme, I experimented with some maternity-type shots this week and loved how they turned out. Some of you may have seen on IG that I was at Joann Fabrics the other week buying fabric. I was buying a sheer curtain fabric so that I could take this type of photo at our house (we don't have curtains).

When we got to Raleigh, I realized that the room we are in had them already, so I set up a tripod on the bed and snapped some shots with my bluetooth shutter. This was taken with my iPhone and then just edited in Lightroom -- super easy. It's a good option if you're looking to take some silhouette photos.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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