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Five Things Friday #274

Happy Friday!

We are headed to the beach this afternoon, so I'm pretty excited! Neil is actually taking some time off, so it'll be nice to have our little family there and be able to all be present and involved since I feel like we are all running around a lot of the time -- him with work and me w work and Miles. The forecast looks good and temperatures should be around 75 for most of our trip, so I'm really looking forward to it. Make sure to follow along on Instagram if you're interested!

I had a tough time earlier in the week after Neil and I got into (barely) an argument and I ended up sobbing. It really wasn't a fight and I was bothered by my response because it didn't fit the situation. I ended up texting my therapist from Chicago and asking if she was seeing patients virtually -- thankfully she was -- and I met with her this week. It was so nice to be able to reconnect with her and just get back to feeling grounded. A combination of being pregnant, the world right now, and just things building up is most likely what led to my reaction, but it was important for me to be able to talk through everything and realize what I can and can't control. So as always, I advocate for therapy for everyone. It's so helpful.

We've been at Neil's cousin's house for over a week and it's been a great time. Miles is all over the place (and so speedy!), so I'm definitely on my toes trying to make sure he doesn't throw himself off the stairs or other similar fearless thing he wants to do. After we get back from the beach we are here until the renovations are done, which I'm thinking will be around the end of the month. I hope everything is going well with you guys and you're hanging in there. As always, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you need to talk about anything. 🙂

1. Aerie bralettes

I'm really not a fan of actual bras with the clasps and the straps and everything, even though I do have one (also from aerie) that I recommend if I REALLY have to wear one.

I bought a couple new ones this week because the ones I have at home are getting pretty tight with this whole pregnancy situation. I feel like they got bigger with Miles, but not THIS much bigger, so I wanted something that was comfortable and flattering at the same time. They had a bunch on sale, and both of these were 30% off. I've worn both and they're so comfortable, so if you're bra-averse like I am, definitely check them out.

Seamless padded bralette (black one)

Seamless padded strappy bralette (gray one)

2. Sharpie S gel pens

I blame Neil for these. He sent me a TikTok all about these new Sharpie pens, which got me excited about office supplies. Yesterday when I was in Target, I saw them and decided that I must also have them. I'm not usually a big gel pen fan, but these are really nice and smooth! Just make sure to remove the wax tip that comes on them because I didn't and tried writing with them and thought they were horrible (ha). Once I took that off they were great!

3. Brain Lock by Jeffrey M. Schwartz

After I put up a post on Instagram with a caption about my OCD struggles lately, I had a couple people recommend this book to me. I bought it and haven't finished it completely, but it's a good dive into how you can work on reframing and learning new ways to approach the obsessions that are a big part of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's a simple, four-part system that helps you recognize thoughts as OCD thoughts and how to reframe and change them so that they don't have as much of an effect on you. Obviously, it's hard work, but it's a good way to help self-manage issues that may come up.

4. New season of Great British Baking Show

THIS is the news I needed this year. There's a new season of the Great British Baking Show (Great British Bake Off in England) on Netflix! I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that this was coming out because it's just SUCH a heartwarming show. I can't emphasize it enough and it's so calming. It's a great way to realize the good in the world and in people and if you haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend it. Unlike previous seasons, they are only releasing one episode a week, but that's because it's live in England right now as well. Once an episode airs there, it's available on Netflix each Friday.

5. Day 7 episode of Armchair Expert

I had no idea that Dax Shepard relapsed after his 16 years of sobriety until my therapist told me earlier this week. His podcast, Armchair Expert, is one of only about three that I've listened to repeatedly because I'm just not a huge podcast person. I saw that he had recorded an episode about his relapse and couldn't wait to listen to it.

I listened to it the next day and really identified with a LOT of it. It's incredibly hard to gain that amount of time in sobriety and then have to admit that you used again. The guilt and shame that surround a relapse are often so hard for the addict that they sometimes can't even come back and admit it and face people. Add in the amount of public exposure, and it's really amazing that he was able to come clean about everything. If you're an addict or even know someone who struggles with addiction, it's a really good episode to listen to.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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