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Five Things Friday #278

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a great week 🙂 Mine was pretty busy with appointments and some last minute contractor stuff to finish up the renovations. Miles had his 18 month check up and I laughed when I saw that he's still under 20 lbs at 19 lbs 8 oz. I thought that he would be over 20 lb for sure this time, but nope! It must be all the running around he's doing these days - such a cute little peanut. Although the thought of him reaching the weight limit on his car seat is laughable, he IS finally tall enough to move into the bigger one we got, so we will probably install that this weekend and then his car seat will be ready for his sister when she comes along.

Speaking of his sister - I had my follow up ultrasound yesterday to check on things with my placenta. There wasn't much of a change, which honestly I expected, but the good news was that I was able to have a consult with one of the maternal fetal medicine doctors who specialize in these things. I didn't get much more information besides what I already knew, but I was able to ask him for a better idea of when we would have to deliver. He said unless there are any complications like bleeding (where I might be hospitalized to be conservative), then we would probably schedule delivery around 36 weeks, making my delivery at the beginning of December rather than January. He also confirmed that whether I get a hysterectomy or not depends on what they find when they operate, so I won't get an answer for that until the actual delivery. Not ideal, but what I was expecting. We are now going to monitor things a little more regularly and I have another ultrasound appointment next week. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on what happens, but as of right now it looks like we may have a baby in 6 weeks!

This morning I have a midwife appointment where we will likely talk about switching my care over to the OB team since now there are so many complications. If you follow me on Instagram, I'll be sharing on there how that appointment goes as well. As always, thanks so much for following along on this journey and making our whole little family feel so loved during all of it.

1. Miles - 18 months

I can't believe Miles turned 18 months on Sunday. The time is definitely flying by and this milestone really snuck up on me with all the craziness of life and the world happening at the same time. I haven't done a post about him since his one year post - is that something that you guys would be interested in? Some of his favorite things? Milestones? Things like that? Let me know!

He's definitely learning more and more everyday and his vocabulary is also growing at a pretty fast rate. I love being able to (kind of) communicate with him and know that at least he understands a lot of what I'm saying even if he isn't quite as fast at communicating back at me in words.

He's just such a joy to be around and makes everyone else so happy as well. I'm so happy to just sit and watch him grow and become the best little person.

2. Trader Joe's Pound Plus Chocolate

Neil and I really like the chocolate bars at Trader Joe's, but we were always buying the small 72% bars that come three to a pack by the register. I didn't realize that they made this gigantic version until Neil did the shopping and came home with it one day - haha.

It's found in the dessert section that's always above the freezer section (and that holds my beloved caramels). I always forget to look up there, but now I know where to replenish this gigantic chocolate when we run out.

3. Apricot Scrub at Target

I ran out of face wash, so I grabbed some more when I was at Target. I'm not a fancy skincare person, so I usually use one, then buy a different kind to mix it up. This is the Target brand of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which I used to use as a teenager and I really like it.

There have been a couple dry patches on my face that have been bothering me, and bc this is more exfoliating than my previous wash, it's helped to smooth out my skin and leave it feeling much softer after I wash my face. If you're looking for a good, cheap exfoliator, I like this one!

4. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Neil and I like to watch YouTube videos of upcoming movie trailers (why they are still releasing trailers when a lot of theaters are shut down, I'm not sure). During one of those, we watched a trailer for Hillbilly Elegy and it caught my attention. I saw it was based on a bestselling memoir (you know how I can't resist a good memoir), so I bought it immediately. From Amazon:

From a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, a probing look at the struggles of America’s white working class through the author’s own story of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town
Hillbilly Elegy is a passionate and personal analysis of a culture in crisis—that of poor, white Americans. The disintegration of this group, a process that has been slowly occurring now for over forty years, has been reported with growing frequency and alarm, but has never before been written about as searingly from the inside. In Hillbilly Elegy, J.D. Vance tells the true story of what a social, regional, and class decline feels like when you were born with it hanging around your neck.

I've been reading some every night -- something I had fallen out of the habit of doing -- and I'm just about done. I really enjoy it and always appreciate reading and learning things from different perspectives.

5. The Queen's Gambit

GAH - this is one of the best things I've seen in awhile. It's a limited series on Netflix about an orphan who is discovered to be a chess prodigy. It's seven episodes about her childhood through adulthood and her struggles with addiction while rising through the ranks in a male-dominated game and society (it's set in the 50s and 60s).

It's so good. The story, the acting, the sets -- all so good. Definitely give it a try if it sounds interesting to you. I loved it.

That's all for this week friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

4 comments on “Five Things Friday #278

  1. Let me know what you think of Hillbilly Elegy! Personally, I liked Educated much more between the two memoirs similar memoirs. His sweater picture is too darn cute!! Love that kid!

    1. So far I agree with you, but it’s at least a book that I’ve been able to continue reading haha. I’ve had such a hard time concentrating and wanting to read books during all this crazy world nonsense – are you having that problem too?

      1. Totally. I can’t get myself to focus on my book club book (Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson) even though it’s so good, because it reminds me too much of our current condition. So I escape with puzzles and old TV reruns, or trashy novels. 😂

  2. You’ll love Hillbilly Elegy!! I read it a few years back and found it such a fascinating insight into poverty, family dynamics, and addiction in Appalachia. I can’t wait for the movie.

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