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Life Lately: July 2021 Recap

Hi friends. This is the first new post I’ve written in a couple weeks, and it feels good. I’ve had posts publish at least once a week, but they were older ones that I updated for SEO and republished. The motivation to sit and write a brand new post was lacking, but I finally have a reason why — postpartum depression.

I shared this in my IG stories, but I was diagnosed with PPD at the very beginning of August (let’s just say the end of July so we can include it in this post). I had been doing all the things that I knew fill my cup and help me recharge and nothing was working. I knew something wasn’t right, and I ended up finding a new therapist here in North Carolina (a task in itself) who specializes in maternal mental health. She confirmed what I already suspected and that’s that I was dealing with postpartum depression – and “likely had been for some time.”

It’s a relief to hear it confirmed, but also hard to hear because it confirms what I’ve thought for a couple months. I’m meeting with a new doctor here in NC to talk about potentially adjusting my medication dosage and I’m going to therapy weekly, so hopefully things will start looking up soon. I feel like going into a lot of detail about it in this post would make it super long – would a separate post be something you’d want to read? Let me know. 🙂

Remy started physical therapy because she has a gross motor delay. She’s VERY into small, detailed things, but the big movements like lifting her head, rolling, sitting, etc. are a little behind. This is to be expected since she was premature, but the doctors wanted to speed things along and get her a little extra help. She goes once a week and she’s doing so well. She doesn’t cry the entire time like she used to and she’s working really hard to lift that big head and push up with her little arms. She’s on her way.

(sidenote: a friend recommended this tummy time roller from Amazon and she’s been doing really well on it!)

Near the beginning of July, we all took a quick trip to Winston-Salem, which is about 90 min west of us. We rented a pool house, which also gave us access to a whole pool for two days and we had a great time. Miles loved the pool and all the toys they had to play with. I grabbed Remy a swimsuit last minute at the thrift store and she was able to enjoy the water as well.

We like to take quick trips here and there just for a change of scenery and a break since Neil is often tied to the computer for a lot of the day for work. It was a really nice, quick trip and I’m glad we went.

For my birthday, which is later in July, I knew immediately what I wanted. I rented a treehouse about 90 minutes south of us for me and me alone. I left Friday night after I put the kids to bed and then came back Sunday afternoon. It was the cutest house and my favorite part was the bed, which was in a tiny nook under the stairs. I LOVE nooks, so it was the best place to sleep for me.

Saturday, I woke up, grabbed myself a coffee, and drove an hour to a local state park where I knew I could rent a kayak. That was really the only thing I wanted to accomplish on this trip – a solo kayaking trip. It was the BEST and the whole weekend was so refreshing. If alone time is something that’s important to you — ask for it! Advocate for yourself because you deserve it.

Neil’s brother and his daughter came to visit for a couple days at the end of the month from California. It’s always such a blast when their family comes and it was really great having some extra hands to help out with the kids. My niece helped out so much with Remy and Miles even let Uncle take him to his swim lessons — something he usually only demands from me. Of course, I had to hide so he couldn’t see me, but still. 🙂

So far, this summer has been enjoyable. There have been some ups and downs with my mental health, but I’ve been doing what I can with the kids. Some days I feel like taking them on an all day adventure and others I’m happy if I make it upstairs with him to play in his room. I’m doing what I can when I can and trying not to be too hard on myself in the process.

Here’s a couple shots of my bright idea to give him shaving cream to play with, which he proceeded to wipe all over me, his sister, and himself. It definitely made for a lot of laughs (and a lot of baths).

Thanks for following along and getting up to speed with what’s been going on over here – talk to you soon!

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  1. Would love to read a separate, longer post about PPD and your experience! Also loved everything here (esp the treehouse bday gift to yourself) thanks for sharing!

  2. I would also love a post on PPD! interested in the differences between your experience with it vs “regular” depression and how you handle parenting on the hard days.

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