I’ve had this post idea sitting in my drafts since July, but never got around to writing it. At that time I was following a girl on Instagram who admittedly suffered with an eating disorder for many years of her life, but was apparently doing better. She never posted pictures of herself on her stories until one day she did and the image took my breath away. What I saw was not someone who was “doing better,” in fact, all I could concentrate on was the fact that I could count the number of visible bones she had because she… View Post

Hello! Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week; mine has been pretty good trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. I’ve also put myself into an eggnog coma (see #1 on today’s post), but I’m not complaining about that. This weekend is pretty low key — gym and dropping off some gifts for a family we are sponsoring are the only things on our plate. That leaves plenty of time for snuggles with Donut and naps on the couch. Perfect. To kick that off, here are some of my favorite things from… View Post

It’s holiday time again! I’m only putting together one gift guide this year, but it has items that I love from each important category: food, fitness, and self care. None of the items in this guide are sponsored, but there are a few affiliate links which means that I will get a small percentage of the sale while the price remains the same for you regardless. I’ve also worked with brands as I can to get you discount codes because every little bit helps! Happy shopping! For food lovers: 1. Sips By: This tea subscription box made my list last… View Post

I started this series last month and figured it was a good one to keep going because it allows me to ramble a bit, you seem to like it, and it’s a good way for me to stay accountable with how I’m feeling. Here’s what’s been going on this month: My anxiety over this baby seems to have waned with every doctor’s appointment and reassurance that everything is progressing as expected. I know there’s still no guarantees in life, but I’m no longer preoccupied with the thought of my chances of losing the baby. I’m still feeling a little indifferent… View Post

I feel like this month has been full of pregnancy posts (and it kinda has). Now that the news is out, the gender is out, and I’ve talked about our decision to start a family, this should be the last post for a little bit. They’ll be more spaced out going forward and you’ll see more of the regular content around here. I wanted to get this post up before I forgot too much from the first trimester. I’m currently 16 weeks, so moving right along in the second. So far this pregnancy has been a pretty easy one and… View Post