Happy Friday friends! I’m having a love–hate relationship with the weather right now in Chicago. I’m loving that it’s getting warmer, but I’m hating that my building controls the a/c and it’s not turned on yet. Neil and I have been sleeping with a sheet and a fan and it’s very glamorous. I think it should be turned on by next week, so fingers crossed. My weekend is looking pretty light aside from renewing my CPR/AED certification tomorrow morning. My training certification needs to be renewed by the end of this month, so this is the last piece of the… View Post

Happy Friday! It’s so confusing to me that it stays light for so long now. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not used to it because it’s still jacket weather outside. I’m writing this on Thursday night and I glance down to see it’s already 7 pm. The sun is shining and I’m still taking pictures. I love it. This week’s Five Things Friday actually isn’t 100% food which is miraculous. Hopefully some of you who aren’t as food obsessed as me will get some inspiration from the other items. 🙂 This weekend will be my first… View Post

Happy Friday friends! Coming to you from Salt Lake City and the Everything Food Conference! I got in yesterday and the weather is BEAUTIFUL. It’s reminiscent of my stay in Arizona where the sun was out but there was no humidity. I’m obsessed. I’m staying with Ashley, Kelsey, and Chrissa until Sunday and then head back to Chicago. The actual sessions start today and I plan to write up a recap next week. Stay tuned. 🙂 Here’s what I’ve been loving this week (add the weather here as #6). I’m off to hunt for donuts. 1. Hi I’m Skinny Snacks I’m… View Post

Welcome to the end of the week! I’ve got a relatively full day today, then I’m headed out tonight to NYC for a bridal shower. I’m only there until Sunday, so I don’t know how much activity I’ll be getting into, but I’ll be sure to share about it on Instagram. I’m most excited about spending time drinking tea and reading books like an old lady. This week has been better than last week in terms of feeling overwhelmed. I had slightly fewer clients and they were more spread out throughout the days instead of being packed into Monday and… View Post

This week has been a little crazy for me. Even though I only worked for three days of it (the reason why is #5 today), by Tuesday night I had a bit of a breakdown. I was feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions. I enjoy everything that I do, but lately I’ve been feeling like I’m doing everything adequately and nothing 100%. Does that make sense? I have a long weekend with friends here in the city to relax, then I’m going to take some time to reprioritize everything I’ve got going on. These are good problems to… View Post