Happy Friday! Weeks have been super weird for me for the past couple. It’s like Tuesday hits and I feel like the week is going so slow, then all of a sudden I feel like I’ve skipped Wednesday and it’s already Thursday. I’ve had that same consistent feeling for about three weeks now. I don’t know what that means and I don’t hate it; it’s just weird. Does that happen to anyone else? Yesterday I took Donut to the vet for the first time and on top of a clean bill of health, I found out that she’s likely two… View Post

Hi guys! Welcome to the end of another week. I can’t say that this week was really all that eventful (aside from Donut ruining our desktop computer) or that this weekend holds any grand plans — and that’s the way I like it. Too much makes me feel too frazzled and that’s really not a fun place to be. I spent last night enjoying an evening to myself since Neil didn’t get home late from some work travel. Since he’s not traveling much any more I don’t often get a lot of nights to myself, but when I do, I… View Post

Happy Friday friends! This week has been pretty low key, mainly just training and writing. I’m still acclimating to Donut’s overzealous love bites which have left my forearms slightly worse for wear, but we’re working on it and hopefully the puppy teething phase will end sooner than later. We’ve also started to bring her in the bed to sleep which is amazing and makes me super happy. Last night was my second Wellness Workshop, which I’ll be sure to cover in more detail in my monthly recap post at the beginning of August. I really enjoy doing these workshops and… View Post

Welcome to the end of the week my fine friends! Monday was mine and Neil’s four year wedding anniversary and yesterday was my birthday, so I’d say it was a pretty good week! We didn’t do anything for our anniversary since we decided that Donut was our gift to each other, so that was pretty low key. I worked yesterday, but was surprised by a dozen donuts and an awesome tank from my friends at the gym in the morning, which was a nice treat. Neil got me the new camera I wanted, but I told him the wrong lens,… View Post

Hello and happy Friday! This week has been a little crazy with the addition of our new puppy. Monday and Tuesday were pretty open for me, but starting Wednesday I was back into the swing of things which meant paying even closer attention to my schedule and coordinating with Neil. He was out of town twice this week which is atypical with his job, but we’ve been doing just fine. I’m lucky enough to have the flexibility to move my schedule around so that she doesn’t have to stay in a crate for too long throughout the day. Now if… View Post