Hello friends and happy Friday! We are back with another weekly post about my favorite things. Let me tell you one of my least favorite things — taxes. I’ve been working on mine since last weekend and trying to get all the info to my accountant this week. Since I started two corporations last year, I knew I should probably get some help because I’m the worst at this sort of thing. The problem is that I started them in the middle of the year, so I’ve had to go through and figure out the pre-business income that pertains to… View Post

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a good work week and I’m excited to be hosting a meet-and-greet event tomorrow morning at the Oak Street Athleta in Gold Coast. If any of you are local and want to stop by for dogs, foods, an exclusive sale, and giveaways, it’s going from 8:30-10 am. If you’re not local, you can follow along on Instagram! The rest of the weekend is pretty low key and I’m looking forward to just lounging around for most of it. In order to get that party started, here’s a look at what I’m loving this week!… View Post

  Hi guys! Happy Friday! I’m currently back on the East coast attending the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East. I’ll be here until Monday because I also made sure to pencil in some extra time with my friend Jess who lives in Charlottesville. I’m going to be playing with her dog, food exploring, and just hanging out. It’s going to be GLORIOUS. The conference is from today until Sunday, so I’ll be learning more fitness-related things to come back to you with and it will keep my certification current. You can follow along all weekend if you follow me on… View Post

Hello all! Happy Friday! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve felt like I’m dragging this week. I’ve felt tired, worn out, and have my fingers crossed that I’m not coming down with something. I’ve managed to last all winter without getting sick, so let’s not have it start now! Thankfully this weekend is low key, so I plan to spend it hanging out at home and forcing Donut to love me (and Neil). To kick it off, here’s what I’m loving this week! 1. Tropical plants at Trader Joe’s I walked into Trader Joe’s the other day and… View Post

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I lucked out today and don’t have any clients to train. I guess that’s good AND bad? Anyway, I’m pumped about it because I’ve blocked off my whole day to work on a proposal for my book. I met with an editor last week and we talked a lot about the ins and outs of publishing. While I was originally planning on self-publishing the book I’m working on, I left the meeting with a new goal of having it picked up by an actual publishing house. For that to happen, I need to write a proposal… View Post