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Though life is always full of new adventures and phases, the purpose of this site hasn't changed. It is designed to be a resource for you to share in my Wellness journey at the intersection of Food, Fitness, Mental Health, and a balanced Lifestyle. The original purpose statement from when the site was originally founded years ago rings true today:

I started this blog as an outlet to help me get outside of myself.  This statement may sound like a contradiction to the concept of an Inside Job, but it's not.  I wanted to be able to take the improvements that I was making on myself (the inside) and share them with others (the outside).  I also believe that true wellness comes from working to improve the inside (emotionally, physically, and spiritually).  This will be reflected on the outside.

September 2013

Phase 1: Recovery from Opiate Addiction

I am a recovering addict and through recovery have learned many things about myself. I have shared many ups and downs of the journey on this site and as I learn things that may come easily to others, I try and share them here.  If you are interested in my journey to health, check out the four posts (a three-part series and Tuesday Truth) below:

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Phase 2: Food and Fitness Without Obsession

I also battled with using exercise and food as drugs when I stopped putting as much effort into my recovery, but have since come out on the other side of those as well. They serve as great examples of the pervasiveness of the disease of addiction and the fact that I can abuse anything to change the way I feel.

Once I learned to use exercise and food as my friend instead of my enemy, I developed a passion for both which I also try and share with you on Erin’s Inside Job.  I got married in both July and October 2013 and settled down in Northern VA.

I started running years ago because it was something that I didn’t do well. There were times when I used running because I hated my body rather than doing it because I loved and appreciated it.  I worked through that mindset and suddenly I realized how much I loved it and how important it was for my sanity and serenity. I did a few smaller races and finally trained and completed my first half marathon in 2014. Three more came in 2015!

Phase 4: A Balanced Family Lifestyle

We moved to Chicago in November 2014 and I decided to switch careers and get my personal training certification. I spent a few years teaching some kick butt HIIT workouts at a local studio, writing for several websites, and putting work into developing Erin’s Inside Job.

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Once I was certified and practiced teaching different types of workouts and classes, I started to grow my private personal training business while putting the rest of my time into growing Erin's Inside Job.

I am continuing to listen to the community and use their feedback to adapt and grow the website to help even more people on their journey to wellness. Thanks for coming by and I hope you decide to stay with me on this sarcastic and crazy roller coaster adventure.

Feel free to contact me, leave some comments, or even hit me up on social media if you are ever in Chi-Town!

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  1. I love your honesty here. I think it’s brave and inspiring. We cannot help others or ourselves if we hide our failings. I have never struggled with drugs or alcohol, but I have dealt with anorexia and similar issues. Everyone is dealing with something. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, I NEED that white dress you’re wearing in your dance-floor photo! Stunning!
    Rica @ Yoga Mat Monkey recently posted…Do This and Fail…3 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your SuccessMy Profile

    1. Thanks Rica! It’s definitely about reaching out in order to get the help that we need.

    2. Me too. I have experience with eating disorders, but not drugs or alcohol. I’ve also had unhealthy attachments to people from time to time, but that was before I really knew myself. I think what you have done is inspiring as well. I love your photos, especially the dance-floor one! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Erin! I just came across your blog and love your story. It is so inspiring! My dad recently passed after struggling with addiction for many years and I agree, the stigma needs to be broken. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.
    Nicole @ mymorningrun recently posted…Running TherapyMy Profile

    1. Thanks for reading Nicole! I’m so sorry about your dad. Let me know if you ever need to talk about anything!

  3. ERIN….what an inspiring journey. Even though I am not a recovering addict, we have similar stories. I spent 9 months focusing on within and have finally found peace within myself and want to help others.’

    What a beautiful read and lovely website. Your honest is inspiring, you should be proud how far you have become.

    All the best!

  4. Wow another fellow addict! It is amazing what you can do when you break the bonds of addiction. Congratulations I can see you inspire many.

  5. Erin do you have a post with your best chicago restaurant recommendations? COming in to town next weekend and need some help with dinner! Already have Aloha Poke on the list for lunch 🙂

  6. You are such an amazing person and you inspire so many people including me!! Thanks so much Erin I appreciate all that you do!!

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