Accessible, Realistic, Inclusive Wellness

Eating healthy is better than fads, restricting, and stressing.

Understanding yourself beats prescribed workouts and meal plans.

Websites won't replace treatment, but can give you a community.

Enjoy the life you build for yourself, even when it's hard.

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It's an inside job.

E-book: Navigating Wellness

Explore the confusing space of health and wellness with confidence. No more asking which people to listen to and what information to follow. Equip yourself to be your own guide!

What you’ll get in Navigating Wellness:
+ Easy steps to figure out who and what to listen to
+ Cost-saving swaps to make wellness affordable
+ Discussion on diversity in the space

Bonus: Guide to 20 educated, credentialed, body-positive influencers to replace fad-focused, cookie-cutter stereotypes!

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About Erin

Recovering addict, personal trainer, and lover of food. Follow along as she shares about mental health, donuts, and everything in between. Starting as an outlet to get outside of herself, Erin discovered her blog became the personal experience of an Inside Job.  She captures improvements of self (the inside) and shares them with others (the outside).  She also believe that true wellness comes from working to improve the inside (emotionally, physically, and spiritually).  This will be reflected on the outside.


Erin Bahadur
CEO of Erin's Inside Job
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