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WIAW: Thursday Edition

I am a day behind on this, but yesterday I was thrown a surprise potluck lunch at work so I wasn’t able to post my regular What I Ate Wednesday.  Even though my last day isn’t until next week, everyone came together and coordinated a group lunch full of pizza, homemade soups and desserts, veggies, you name it we had it.

I didn’t take enough pictures of what I ate yesterday, so I am going to post my regularly scheduled post from yesterday.  Not as exciting as a potluck, but oh well.  Thanks Jenn for the linkup!


Scrambled eggs and mushrooms and chocolate blueberry basil smoothie.  I picked up a new plant based protein powder from Costco since I don’t use whey protein, but I can’t say that I love it.  It is sweetened with stevia which normally doesn’t both me, but I can really taste it in this powder.  If you are sensitive to stevia, definitely don’t buy this.



Snack #1

Toasted almond cranberry GFB, espresso, and a banana.




Leftovers. The other night I had to take a shower but was ravenous after work, so I roughly chopped up some chicken and peppers and threw it in a pot with a jar of spaghetti sauce.  I cooked it with the lid on and by the time I was done with my shower, dinner was ready! It would have tasted better if I had added some spices, but I was too hungry.


Snack #2

Carly made me a mini gluten free apple pie, so I ate about half of it.



I couldn’t think of anything good to make for dinner, so back to eggs it was.  This time I chopped up some thai peppers though so I could get some more spice in.


I may or may not be able to post tomorrow since we are travelling to Chicago for the weekend! Of course the Chicago marathon is going on, so things may get a little hectic over the weekend with trying to get around, but we will figure it out.  Good luck to everyone running this weekend!

Our goal this weekend is to narrow down a neighborhood, although we think we may already have a good idea.  We scheduled this trip in August as a “let’s have Erin see Chicago and see if she wants to move there.” Well it has now turned into a “find a place to live” trip, which is fun and exciting to me.  Let’s roll with it.

Question of the day: Do you know Chicago? Where should we go? Where should we live??

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