FitBloggin Recap: Part 1 - Erin's Inside Job

FitBloggin Recap: Part 1

Unless you have just stumbled across this blog today, you know I spent last Thursday through Sunday in Savannah attending FitBloggin.  In their own words, FitBloggin is an event “for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food, and a healthy lifestyle. Two days of education, networking, friendship, and fun” (source).  What an event it was. I already gave a quick recap on Friday while I was there, but since there was so much going on, I’m going to have to split it into more than one post.

I arrived Thursday night and attended the opening mixer.  I have gotten pretty good about not overpacking when I go on trips, but I had room in my suitcase, so I threw in a few extra things in case I  needed them.  I am eternally grateful to myself for knowing that I get cold inside buildings because some of the rooms were FREEZING.  Thank you me for remembering my sweatshirt!


I wandered around for a little while outside while waiting for my friend Stephanie to arrive and snapped a couple pictures:




We turned in pretty early because the workouts started at 6am!


We woke up at 5:30 am (who am I?) and headed out to Bootcamp with Erin from Power Fitness.  I have never seen anyone with so much energy so early in the morning.  Needless to say that I was fully awake after our workout.




We headed in for breakfast and then the workshops started at 8am.  Check back tomorrow for all the WIAW goodies from my trip!

Our second workout of the day was crossfit with Andrea.  I have always wanted to do a crossfit workout since they are so popular, but didn’t feel like walking into a place to try.  I loved that I was able to try it out here, which piqued my interest as a way to diversify my workouts.  I’d definitely be willing to try it out and I know there is a crossfit place right near the gym I go to now.



Here is Stephanie punching me in the head.

20140701-143717-52637281.jpg(Photo courtesy of Jessica)

Following our crossfit workout, I attended a workshop about using your words to change your life.  It was good information about how we perceive comments from others and also how we can choose to use our words in ways that can either help or hurt us.  Always good information to have.

Lunch was put on by Run Disney, which wouldn’t be complete without Mickey!


Of course I felt gross after doing 2 workouts and not showering, so I snuck away after eating to grab a quick shower since our timeline was so tight.  This is apparently the time everyone took a group photo.  Whoops.  I was there I promise!

After lunch I attended a workshop about avocados put on by The California Avocado Commission.  I learned a new way to cut an avocado and even got to sample the winning recipe from Alyssa Curran from Double Chin Diary.  They were delicious!



The last workshop I went to was about monetizing your blog and it had a lot of good information.  This weekend was definitely information overload.

Dinner was tapas and we listened to an Ignite Fitness talk which was followed by karaoke.  We had an intermission in which most people had to run outside because the room was so cold.  Who thought so many people would flock to the heat and humidity of Savannah? I just took an absurd picture because it’s what I do.


After the dinner, we went to Leopold’s, which came highly recommended and is a big deal in these parts, y’all.



I threw my dairy caution to the wind and downed a delicious child’s size cup of coffee chocolate chip ice cream.


We attended one more late night session and got to sleep around 1130 pm.  Then we woke up at 530 am and did it all over again.

Check back tomorrow for all the delicious eats I had on my trip!

Fitbloggin Part 2!!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Does anyone else freeze to death in air conditioning? 


9 comments on “FitBloggin Recap: Part 1

  1. I’m so sad I missed out on the ice cream! But, I had 2 pralines earlier so….probably a good thing! 🙂 And yes, I totally froze in those rooms. My throat was a little scratchy by the time breakfast on Sunday came around. Drove home with no a/c (by choice) and the windows down just so I could get some fresh, warm air!

    1. It was a beautiful drive home! I had the windows open the whole time and by the time I got to VA there was barely any humidity. Those pralines are dangerous I bought some for work and they were inhaled!

  2. 1. I too get freezing in air conditioning, which is why I wear sweaters to work all through the summer.
    2. The pralines were delicious!
    3. I need to make a website so I can write it in the space when I comment.

  3. There were so many yummy foods in Savannah and at the conference! I went to Leopolds at one point too and I think I got the same flavor as you. Ice cream twins 🙂

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