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Banana Bread Muffin Tops

Happy Thursday!

When I went on my baking spree this weekend, I attempted to make carrot cake quinoa cookies with my own gluten free tweaks.  Let’s just say that I was not impressed and therefore they will not be shared.  Whenever something I make doesn’t turn out well I usually scurry around to find something that I know will be good.  In this case I defaulted to the Oh She Glows website because I have never made something from there that wasn’t delicious (and vegan AND often gluten free).

Behold the banana bread muffin tops:

They are similar to another banana based cookie that she has that is AMAZING and really quick to throw together.  This recipe called for dates though which I happened to have on hand.  Medjool dates are a larger date than normal and I have seen them more frequently in regular grocery stores, but if you can’t find them there I have seen them at the Asian stores.
You can find the recipe by clicking on their name above.  I didn’t change anything in the recipe, so I’m not going to reproduce it here.  Angela has a cookbook coming out March 4th and if you preorder and send her the receipt, you can get a bonus e-book with 10 more recipes.  I got my copy yesterday and I am VERY excited.  I can’t wait for the whole thing to come!  For more information on preordering and the e-book, click here.
I am skipping the gym tonight because my legs are still sore from Monday so I may have overdone it a bit (big surprise).  I will try running this weekend and see how my knee holds up.  
I hope you all have a great Thursday and remember the weekend is almost here!
Question of the day: How do you respond to baking failures?

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