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Benefits of Documenting My Life Online

For all my fellow Americans — happy Thanksgiving! I read somewhere the other day that we should move our Thanksgiving to October like the Canadians and then we would have two full months to prep for Christmas. I am totally down for that. Our tree already went up last weekend. 🙂

Last year I wrote a more serious post about my unconventional gratitude list, but this year I just wanted to do a more lighthearted one about documenting my life online. Whether it’s on this blog or social media, I spend a lot of time capturing the food I eat, what’s going on in my life, and some of the even more mundane errands thanks to the addition of Instagram stories (YOU’RE WELCOME).

Everyone is different and some people like sharing more about themselves than others. It’s a personal decision and no one is more right than someone else, but for me, I’ve come to notice some definite benefits from documenting my life online.

Benefits of Documenting My Life Online

1. Remember specific events

I don’t have the best memory. Actually, that’s not true. Some things I remember crystal clear like where certain items are in the house, but if you asked me when the last time I got my hair cut I would have no idea. Through this blog and social media I’ve been able to look back and figure out exactly when certain things happened — like what we ate last year for Thanksgiving. Neil actually told me that he went back to last year’s post to find out what he needed to get for this year.


2. Compare last year’s weather 

Along with having a poor memory about specific events, I can also have a poor memory about general ones too. When this year felt like it was uncharacteristically warm into November, I looked back at a post from last year at the same time and saw the temperature was already down to 18 degrees. I looked at the pictures and instantly remembered that day because I was super underdressed. If it wasn’t for that recap, I would have no recollection whatsoever.

I figure I’m also doing the world a great service by keeping track of global warming trends.

3. Be more creative

I’m planning a whole post about how IG has changed my life and this one will definitely be included. Writing 3-4 blog posts a week requires that I always keep thinking about content — what you guys might want, what I want, and how to find a good balance between the two. I feel inspired and challenged by other bloggers I read and I love that I don’t feel stagnant in what I’m doing and the content I’m creating.

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4. Track my progress

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that last year was a tough one for me. In reflecting on the entirety of this blog, many of my early writings were me still finding out who I was throughout my recovery process. As I came into myself more, I started to share how I got through certain situations and things I had learned from my mistakes. When last year hit and things felt like they were falling apart, I wrote about it. When things got better, I wrote about it. To track that progression is really cool.


There are a lot of things I love about blogging, and these are just some of the ones specific to documenting actual events. I hope if you are celebrating Thanksgiving that you have a wonderful day and enjoy your time off and if not then I hope you have a wonderful day regardless. 🙂

As always, a big thanks to Amanda for letting me think out loud.


  • How much of your life do you share online?
  • What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed?

22 comments on “Benefits of Documenting My Life Online

  1. Hi Erin
    I love your blog. I think I share quite a lot online in my blog. It kind of just happens. I’m realising that it strikes a chord more with my readers (which I’m currently working on getting more of)
    Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks Angela! Yeah, I’ve found that just being real helps connect w others and has them coming back. I’ve met so many amazing people through this blog!

  2. I’m glad that I document my life online. It has brought me so much comfort, joy, and friendship (cough poke cough) over the years that I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere. It forces me to see myself via a 3rd party lens, and it also gives me a place to talk about things that I KNOW Alex has no interest in!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Suzlyfe Blogiversary Giveaway!My Profile

  3. Some people – like my father – write in a journal every day or so. Just small things to say what happened that day. I could never keep up that practice. Sometimes I question myself why I blog, but.. bogging is like our journals. It’s our way of documenting our lives and our memories for ourselves – WHILE being able to connect and share with others – which I think is a really neat bonus. It also helps me stay present in my life and actually look at what’s going on and what I’m doing. I’ve definitely never been as intentional about noticing my life until I started blogging. Now let’s just hope the internet never shuts down so we lose all our documents…… that scares me.
    Cora recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday: Take It To The RhymeMy Profile

    1. It’s become a type of journal for me as well. I have so many different journals started and I only keep them up for a short time. My blog is my baby haha

  4. I think it’s fun to read about different things, the way I felt about things, what I liked, and even trips and places I’ve gone through blogging. Sometimes I cringe and want to change things because it’s so easy, but I love keeping it exactly as it was published.
    Lauren recently posted…Things Runners are Thankful forMy Profile

  5. Hehehe never stop posting all of your IG stories!! Documenting has shown me how much my food photography has changed, as well as my shift from fitness posts to recipes. That was unintentional, since it’s so dang hard for me to get a hold of someone who will photograph me (and while I can’t afford to pay for shoots every month). New goal for 2017: more fitness posts!

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