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2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit

Alright friends -- it's an important day.

Today is an explanation of why posts have been sporadic and I maybe haven't been on Instagram stories as much (although I try to do those because they make me happy).

Today I'm opening registration for the 2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit!

The 2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit is a 3-day online event where you can learn from experts about mental health issues, techniques for coping, and how to transform your life for the better. It sounds so simple when summarized that way, but it’s 15 sessions of incredible information and personal reflections on how to live your best life no matter what you have going on at any given time.

The summit runs from April 9-11 and is FREE for everyone to attend. Sessions are uploaded online for you to watch at your convenience, so if there’s one you want to see, but you’re unable to make that time slot, you can watch it later!

There’s also an upgrade option that will give you further access to content and freebies, but right now I just want to make sure that you secure your spot for 3 transformative days of information.

I think the wonderful design work that Neil put into making the registration page will probably do a better job of explaining everything than I will, so make sure to head here and check it out!

You can find:
  • What to expect from the summit
  • Is it for you?
  • Detailed schedule of expert presenters and sessions
  • Testimonials

There are a lot of misconceptions about mental health issues. There’s a lot of pseudo-science. There’s still a lot of stigma and shame associated with labeling and diagnoses.

I created this summit to help start conversations and stop stereotypes.

I asked experts and people who have been through it to share helpful information and teach others.

I created it so people wouldn’t feel alone.

Even if you only have a couple minutes, check out the registration page to see if any of the speakers or sessions resonate with you (hint: they will!). If so, sign up for FREE and start taking care of your mental and emotional health!

5 comments on “2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit

  1. The Summit looks amazing!! Great job! Unfortunately I’m out of the country at that time, so will not be able to attend the seminars, and I don’t want to take up someone’s spot. The speakers look great! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. Yay! There’s also the option to buy the all access pass where you get goodies, all the videos forever, and the audio too. JUST SAYIN. 😀

  2. Great, Thanks for sharing a virtual mental health summit event with us. I have missed this event, Can you please let me know how can I get the event videos?

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