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15 Sober Dating Ideas

If you’re a person who lives in America (and likely other countries as well), you know how prevalent alcohol is in our society. We drink after work, we drink before we go out at night, we drink at concerts, and the list goes on. It’s a way for people to relax and unwind, but for people like myself, the unwinding goes a bit too far and we end up with legal, social, and personal consequences.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had a drink, but I still remember trying to figure out how I was going to live without alcohol. How will I go to weddings? How will I be able to hang out with other people? How will I SURVIVE??

Spoiler alert — I did live. I also discovered that not waking up with hangovers and not spending tons of money on alcohol was a pretty big perk.

Whether you don’t drink simply because you choose not to or you’re in recovery like myself, dating can seem overwhelming without the social lubrication of alcohol. Honestly, I feel that alcohol tends to muddle the process anyway and having a date without it actually allows you to get to know the person you’re dating — whether it’s the first or hundredth date.

This is by no means an exhaustive list considering you can do ANYTHING without alcohol (minus drinking contests or pub crawls and the like), so hopefully it’s a good jumping off point to whatever you decide to do!

Coffee — or tea, or juice, or whatever.

Hike — get outside. Find a park or other place in nature that allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the fresh air.

Work out — if you both enjoy exercise, see about meeting up for a workout. It can be a fun new way to explore new studios or gyms in your area together. If you’re in a relationship, you could also consider joining a team sport like soccer, dodgeball, baseball, etc. so that you always have that time that you spend together.

Museum — natural history, art, you name it – museums allow you to learn and experience new things together while allowing you to talk about what you see.

Cook dinner — save money on dinner dates and control the alcohol situation by cooking dinner at home. You could even try one of the many meal subscription services that provide all the ingredients and instructions so you can both make something new together.

Game night — games can be played with just the two of you or if you’re looking for more a social setting, host or attend a game night.

City tour — this works better if you live in a city, but look for local tours of your area. Anything from crime tours to food tours and everything in between are options for the two of you to experience.

Bowling/golfing/ice skating — there are tons more sports and physical activities to choose from, but here are a few. The number of times I went bowling when I was newly sober was a LOT, but you can go with friends who make it such a fun atmosphere.

Pool/beach — Spend the day in the sun just relaxing or swimming at either the pool or the beach. Cocktails not necessary.

Boat — similarly, if you have a boat, know someone with a boat, or can rent a boat, enjoy a day out on the water sans alcohol.

Movie at home — I’m such a homebody that one of my favorite types of dates is just to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or show. I love blankets and snacks and coziness.

Lunch date — dinner dates often include more alcohol than lunch dates, so move things to an earlier time if you don’t want to feel like you have to drink and eat.


Escape room – these can also be done with the two of you or in a group and are so much fun. You’ll also be able to see how the two of you work together to solve a problem which could help indicate how that translates to real life. 🙂

Take a class — there are so many classes to choose from, from cooking to how to knit (maybe not that one) that you can absolutely find one that the two of you can do together and enjoy.

4 comments on “15 Sober Dating Ideas

  1. My boyfriend and all of his friends are sober so even though I’m not, we end up doing a lot of sober things! Game nights at our house have become a weekly tradition and we LOVE escape rooms and going to see movies. Also, lots and lots of diners!

  2. Love these! I always felt like society places wayyyy too much of an emphasis on alcohol and it’s just expected that it’s what you do. Yet some of my most fun memories from the last four years in college have been entirely stone-cold sober. And I’ll take the feeling awesome the next day and not spending my entire paycheck any day!

  3. Doing things sober is the best way to enjoy, have fun and memories after. I like your ideas since I am trying to cut down the alcohol a little. Escape rooms are my favorite thing, so much fun.
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