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34 Gender Neutral Kids Clothing Brands

I didn’t have a lot of trouble finding clothes I liked for my son after he was born, but after my daughter I was bombarded by bows, headbands, dresses, and pink — DEAR GOD the pink. While I have nothing against those things in general, they’re just not what I’m drawn to when looking for outfits for her. It was frustrating for me to try and find clothes, so I did a lot of research to bring you this post about gender neutral kids clothing brands.

My outlook in dressing my children is to buy most things on the cheaper end from places like consignment or thrift stores or more mainstream places that don’t charge a ton for kids clothes. This way I’m not spending a lot on clothes that they will outgrow in a few months. It also allows me the ability to splurge every now and then when I want something specific or unique (like these $30 shorts that I made Miles wear all summer).

I’ve tried putting information where I can on which brands offer discounts for signing up for their email lists, but check sites for sales or other opportunities for savings. Many of the clothes I’ve gotten from more expensive brands have been on sale. Also, I know that I’ve probably only scratched the surface when it comes to gender neutral kids clothing brands, so if I’ve left any off that you love, please let me know in the comments!

*brands I’ve tried and owned are marked with an asterisk

Zara: Love their clothing options, but feel like their sizing is a little bit big. It took Miles a long time to be able to fit in any of the clothes. Offer good basics options.

H&M*: have lots of affordable options and plenty of gender neutral basics.

Childhood’s Clothing*: (10% off email list, can earn rewards points) After I had Miles, I fell in love with this company and spent a lot of money, but I don’t regret any of it. I bought a lot of things during a Black Friday sale, which is one way you can save money. There are also FB groups for reselling clothes, but advance warning that they can be a little overwhelming. The clothes are great quality and I highly recommend. They often sell out of certain styles, so I’d recommend getting on their email list to know when they restock. Probably one of my favorite gender neutral kids clothing brands.

Kate Quinn*: before Remy was born, I ordered her a bunch of bloomers from here. Now I can’t find them anywhere and I think I may have accidentally donated them with some other clothes. Awesome. Thankfully, clothes are reasonably priced for the quality and they are always releasing new patterns and colors. Guess I’ll be getting some new ones. 🙂

Spearmint LOVE: (10% email discount) I haven’t actually gotten anything from this site, but that’s mainly because it easily overwhelms me. Spearmint offers clothes from tons of brands, so there’s a lot to choose from. Prices range considerably depending on the brand, but you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for.

Lou Lou & Company*: I ordered a couple newborn bundles for Remy after she was born and the fabric and colors of what I received are AMAZING. I plan to order some of their two piece sets for Miles, which can then be handed down to Remy because the quality is top notch.

Jax + Lennon: a more expensive brand, but offers many gender neutral options for babies and even adults. Based in Canada and as of publishing, the website is closed due to their in-person warehouse sale, but will be opening again at the end of the week. To see examples of their bamboo clothing before then, check their Instagram page.

Primary*: (15% email discount + free shipping and returns) This site is great because it allows you to shop based on color or pattern of – you guessed it – primary colors. I’ve gotten Miles a bunch of basic colored sleepers and the prices are very reasonable.

Hanna Andersson: ($20 off $100 or more email discount) this is a more expensive brand and although I haven’t bought anything personally, it comes highly recommended. One of the big pieces of advice was to wait for sales. There are gendered options for sure, but you can also find high-quality basics as well.

Kyte Baby – (have a rewards and referral program) these are mainly pajamas for babies and toddlers, but they are high-quality, very soft bamboo pieces.

Baby Gap*: just like Old Navy (as they’re owned by the same people), Baby Gap has a lot of good basics and neutrals if you look.

Tenth & Pine*: (10% email discount or code ERINB95 for 10% off) I love the simplicity of these clothes in neutral color offerings. When I started buying them for Miles (I have three I think?), they only had the cream colored option, but they just recently expanded their color offerings.

L’oved Baby – (10% off email discount, regular priced items) Organic baby clothes that are a little pricier. I don’t own anything from here, but they came recommended by several people I asked. I definitely like a lot of the things on this site!

Pact: (20% email discount) organic and fair trade items for all ages, including adult. They don’t have a TON of baby and kids clothes, but if you’re looking for more sustainable clothing, this is a good choice!

Zutano: (15% email discount) I primarily know of this brand because of their popular baby booties, but they also sell some neutral clothing for kids and babies.

Old Navy*: a lot of our clothes have come from Old Navy. While they definitely have gender-specific clothing, there is a lot that can go both ways and good neutral options if you look. It may be easier to browse online than in stores so that you can quickly narrow down what you’re looking for.

June & January: similar to Primary, they have a lot of basics in a variety of colors.

Little Bipsy: for someone who loves white, black, and gray clothing, this site is a dream come true, but I’m also inclined to probably find the same colors somewhere a little cheaper. The brand started with stylish high-top shoes for kids and then expanded to offer many different basics.

The Tot: (10% email discount) this site is similar to Spearmint in that it is a collection of many different brands, so it can be a little overwhelming. It differs in that you can also shop for toys and gear and also read parenting articles on many different subjects. Definitely worth checking out. You can search by price, size, brand, and other options to help narrow things down easily.

Amazon*: a quick search of “gender neutral kids clothing brands” reveals many options, you may just need to weed through the results to find brands that look good to you. This was where I found a reasonably priced sleeper gown for Remy (and just ordered another color).

Willow + Co – offers infant clothes only and I may be ordering some soon based on my research. The brand is described as “sustainable and modern” and has so many neutral patterns that I love. It also looks like they release different collections based on season.

Mebie Baby: (10% email discount) if you’re in the market for some neutral clothes, Mebie is a great brand. Prices are on the higher side, but check for sales if you’re looking to save some money. 

Rylee + Cru: definitely more expensive than I’d want to spend on a lot of items, but this might be a splurge place for me with Remy. The clothes look so dreamy and they definitely got me with this description – “merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child.”

Monica + Andy*: (20% email discount) They’re a Chicago company, so after Miles was born I was gifted a couple outfits. The patterns are always changing and super cute and the quality is also really good. Miles was able to wear his for a couple months before he outgrew them. He was also given a baby blanket with avocados on it when he was born and I got so many compliments on it whenever we went out because I used it all the time.

Brave Little Ones: (15% email discount) high bamboo quality apparel for babies and children. Every purchase helps provide over 400 meals a month to children in Rwanda.

Colored Organics: (20% email discount) organic, hypoallergenic clothing options for babies and kids. Slightly more expensive, but I love all the color and pattern options.

Lil’ Ones Handmade: an Etsy shop with lots of options. Definitely on the more expensive side, but they make “grow with me” clothes, which means that items should last for longer and have the ability to grow with your child. I’m loving this shirt pattern.

Little Ones Shop Co.*: this is a super basic site with basic colors. They have sales often and I got Miles several onesies from here. What I liked is that the bodysuits are ribbed and stretchy, which fit him well because he was small. Some onesies and clothing options would look too loose on him from other brands, so I liked that these fit well. (hat is from Native Fable).

Burt’s Bees: They sell Burt’s Bees baby clothes at Target and I’ve always liked the look of them, but haven’t gotten any myself. I know a lot of parents like them, so I’m confident in adding them to this list. Also, in looking at the selection on Amazon, I wish I had bought some sooner!

Carter’s*: I own a ton of Carter’s clothes, mainly because they’re sold at Target. They definitely have gendered options, but also have a lot of neutrals too. The Target selection can be limited, but I’ve gotten a lot of neutral things online like Remy’s fleece sleepers and Miles’ sleep sacks through Amazon. Bonus is that you can easily order preemie size clothes if you have one like Remy.

Jamie Kay*: on the pricier side, but I bought Miles a couple sweaters during a holiday sale and they were great quality. Now that I have a girl, I plan to look into those options because I remember being really enamored with the options and felt like they were feminine but not over the top. Keep in mind that they are based in New Zealand, so shipping may take longer than normal.

Gerber: these are some of my favorites for simple, plain white onesies, both in short and long sleeve. I usually get them at Target, but you can also stock up on Amazon.

Goumi: (20% email discount, rewards points programs) I bought a couple different things from Goumi while writing this post, so I can’t vouch for them yet, but I fell in LOVE with the colors and patterns. Please take away my credit card. They also make clothes for adults that look super comfy.

Thrift stores: you may already know my love for thrift and consignment stores when shopping for kids clothes, but if not then here’s my high recommendation. Thrift stores may be a little harder because they simply take all clothes and sell them back, while consignment stores are carefully curated and sell for slightly more (but still pennies on the dollar when comparing to buying new clothes). This is actually where I buy a bulk of Miles’ clothes these days and I’m loving the basics I can get at a great value.

What are some of your favorite gender neutral kids clothing brands? I’d love to know more in the comments!

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