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Half Marathon Training Recap

Hi! With the Diva’s Half Marathon quickly approaching and my pre race training all wrapped up, I wanted to do an overview of the past 10 weeks that I spent training.

As I have mentioned in previous training updates herehere, and here, I followed Hal Higdon’s novice 2 half marathon training program.


It was already around the week 2 mark when I decided to do this race.  Thankfully I’m always pretty active and was already running all around, just not with any particular goal in mind.

The first month of training I was very diligent in following this plan (minus the cross training) and ran 3 days during the workweek with one long run.  After my trip to Rhode Island at week 7, my knee started to act up again, so I took the following week off except for the long weekend run.  The rest of the weeks were a little scattered, but I always made sure to get the long run in either during the weekend or early before work if the weekend wasn’t feasible.

Weeks 10-12 I think I got in one weekday run and one weekend run and that’s ok for me.  I’ve learned to listen to my body as a result of overtraining and injuries, so when I wasn’t feeling 100% when the alarm went off, I knew I needed to rest.  My long runs never suffered, so for me I was comfortable with fewer weekday runs.

I also mentioned recently that I am less than enamored with my Fitbit and have switched over to Map My Run.  Although I don’t have the whole month calendar view on my phone like I did with the Fitbit, the other benefits of Map My Run outweigh the calendar presentation.

Here are my last 3 runs using Map My Run:

Last Thursday 9/4/14

IMG_3813.PNGLast Saturday 9/6/14 (last long run!)


IMG_3811.PNGYesterday 9/10/14

IMG_3812.PNGAs I have said before, I enjoyed this training program because it laid out the recommended times and lengths for my run.  This took out the guesswork and I was able to easily refer to the calendar for what my next step was.  As I became more comfortable, I adapted the program to fit me and I am ready for Saturday!


I still followed the intuitive model of eating, meaning that when I was hungry I would eat. I made sure to bring healthy snacks to work such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy bars.  The night before a run I would make sure to eat enough to carry me through the next morning.  Since I try and stay away from gluten, there are many gluten free options to choose from:

  • quinoa
  • rice
  • amaranth
  • buckwheat
  • gluten free oats

That being said, I was really too lazy to make anything but a lot of rice.  One warning I will issue is not to have Chipotle for dinner before running.  This led to horrible runs the next day due to my almost imminent need for a bathroom.  I assumed that because it was full of delicious rice, chicken, and veggies that I was good to go. I forgot to take into account the excessive amount of sodium in that delicious, delicious Chipotle which wreaked havoc on my system the next day.

To ensure that I had an accident free run, I started to eat simpler carbs such as baked potatoes and white rice the night before a long run.  It is usually advised to eat more complex carbs in order for your body to have a more sustained supply of fuel, but that does not agree with my system and actually makes running quite unpleasant for me.  This is why I take in information, but always tailor it based on my own body. There is not one right regimen for everyone!

So that about wraps it up for my training.  Wish me luck on Saturday!!

Question of the day: Did you ever train for a race? Was it helpful?  Has Chipotle before a run ever betrayed you?

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