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Happy Tuesday!

I am linking up with Sara today for Tried It Tuesday.  With this month of ClassPass going on, I am sure that there will be many new classes tried and showcased.  Last week I had the privilege of attending Shred415, a high intensity interval training class.  I love me some HIIT classes, so I knew that I would enjoy this one.


What was different for me was the use of treadmills. The class alternates between treadmills and floor work at four 15 minute intervals (hence 415).  I attended their Shredded Abs class taught by Luca and loved it.  When I arrived, everyone was very helpful and explained the entire process to me.  Then I was introduced to Luca, who explained in more detail what the workout would entail.  While the premise of the workout is four rounds of 15 minutes, she explained that some classes vary the timing and that this class would be 6 rounds of 10 minutes.  I picked my treadmill and snapped some pictures.



Since I am a treadmill veteran, I wasn’t terribly concerned about it.  What I am not, however, is an interval treadmill veteran.  I have done interval work a couple times on the treadmill, but mainly I just run until the end of time.  It is hard for me to push myself to do intervals on the treadmill, so while I have read some reviews that say you don’t need to spend money to do this workout, it is different when you have in instructor pushing you to do your best and making the quick changes that this class requires.

These intervals were TOUGH.  I was running sprinting like a maniac.  The intervals varied in speed AND elevation, so it was a great change from the flat running that I normally do.  Luckily I ate something small before going so I didn’t almost pass out like earlier in the week.  Note: Eat something before you go!

There was some ab work, but I felt like the time on the floor was a mix of different body parts.  I am assuming we worked larger muscles like legs and did bench hops to make sure to get our heart rate up, so that was fine by me.  I always want to work my legs anyway.

Overall this was a great workout and I definitely plan to go back and try their Butt & Legs class before the month is up!  They have 5 (soon to be 6) locations in the Chicago area and 1 in St. Louis.  Check them out!

I am off to another new workout this morning so I hope everyone has a great day!

Question of the day: Do you like HIIT workouts? If not, what’s your favorite? 

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  1. Thanks for linking up Erin! I loved Shred415 when I did class pass too! You definitely left drenched in sweat. The two classes I went to did different time intervals – I think my favorite was 15, 10, 5. It was nice to know the longest interval was done first!

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