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Divas Half Marathon

Happy Friday!

I don’t know what the forecast is where you live, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice and sunny here which equals an exciting pool day for me.  We always end up being busy on the weekend and I don’t regularly have time to just laze around like a lizard.  My Saturday morning is going to consist of a long run and a long sunbathing session.

I am increasing my mileage because I have decided to do MY FIRST HALF MARATHON.  I have toyed with this idea before, but after talking with some coworkers, we made it a mission.  It is happening.  The longest I have run in the past is 12 miles, so I know that this is doable.  I’m pumped.



We decided on the Divas Half Marathon because one of us lives a little further and the location is right in between.   As much as I am not a fan of pink, the plan is for us to dress as obnoxiously and absurdly as possible and rock this race.  Here are the major selling points for me:

  • It is nearby, which makes the 7:30 am start less of an inconvenience
  • They redid the route and took out the hills. 13.1 flat miles are much more appealing than 13.1 hilly ones.
  • It is a race empowering women (even if that does mean wearing pink)
  • It is in September which means I won’t die of heat stroke (although who knows with this crazy world weather)

The course is on a winery, which I can’t partake in, but is a huge draw for most people.  If I did drink, it’s be AWESOME.  I’ll just drink water the way I would have drank wine in the past.



I looked up some training protocols online and since I am not training to win this thing, it all looks pretty manageable.  Once I figure out exactly how I want to structure it, I will share with you guys. So far I have gotten in 3 morning runs this week and will get a fourth in tomorrow.

I am incredibly excited to be working towards a goal and that everyone I have told is so supportive.  I am especially glad that I will have friends running it with me because as resistant as I was to start running with someone else, I have found a lot of benefits in partner runs.  I still like to get in my meditative solo runs, but now I am not opposed to grabbing a friend and hitting the road.

For more information on the Divas race series, check out their homepage here.

To check out the course map, click here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Question(s) of the day: Have you ever run a half? What advice do you have for me? Do you prefer partner or solo runs?



6 comments on “Divas Half Marathon

  1. Running with a friend is definitely more fun! My advice for a half is to adjust your goal pace for the distance — expect to go slower than you would for a shorter race and you will have more fun!

  2. I’ve looked in to this race before and it seems awesome! I love that it’s in beautiful VA wine country – a race with views is a MILLION times better than a boring race on the highway!

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