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Perusing Provincetown

It is Thursday, but I am still confused from the upheaval of my week.  Sometimes it feels like Wednesday and sometimes I think it’s Friday. Who knows what’s going on.

I’ve already talked about my time in Rhode Island this weekend, so I wanted to wrap up the trip with a recap of Massachusetts (thanks spell check).  As I mentioned before, our friends are vacationing on the cape, so we made our way out there for the day on Monday.

We took a quick walk outside and through the woods, where I had a delightfully whimsical conversation with a three year old. Those are the best.  We laughed at crooked trees and stopped to let Neil scare away a monster that we were approaching on the path.  The weather was great and I loved all the nature time that I was able to get in this weekend.




We made our way to Provincetown, which is on the very tip of the cape.



I snapped some pictures of low tide and left people wondering where I had run off to.  Growing up, I had wanted to be a marine biologist, so I love anything having to do with water and marine life.


Neil and I tried to take a picture, but my hair was having other ideas. First we dance, then we pose.



It was starting to get dark, so I took a quick picture of the street. It was lined on either side with all kinds of shops and restaurants.  We found a couple amazing book stores and a game store for Neil.




After some shopping, we grabbed dinner at The Canteen (shown yesterday).  On our walk back, we stopped in a T shirt store and I was seriously tempted to buy these leggings since this is my favorite Disney movie ever.  Somehow I was able to exercise restraint.


The night was finished off with delicious frozen yogurt.

IMG_3571We had a great time, but I wish that we didn’t have to go back so that we would be able to spend more time adventuring.  I don’t know that Neil and I would have had a reason to go to Cape Cod again, so it was nice to spend time with friends and explore somewhere new!

Question of the day: Have you ever been to Cape Cod? What unexpected adventures have you been on?

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