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Wedding Weekend


I am all sorts of turned around due to lack of sleep and our unexpected flight cancellation on Sunday night.  We had an impromptu trip to the Cape Cod area yesterday to visit some friends, but that meant getting back to the hotel around midnight. Couple that with getting up at 4 am to head to the airport and then coming home to directly get ready for work and you have a slightly delirious writer today.

The weekend was actually really enjoyable and even though we were thrown a lot of curveballs, everything worked out for the best.  We flew into Providence on Saturday afternoon and got ready for a friend’s wedding, which was held at Roger Williams University in Bristol.  We may have missed the ceremony (whoops), but we were definitely there for the reception!





All that traveling and receptioning wore us out, so we were back at the hotel relatively early.  I also needed to make sure to get enough sleep because Sunday I woke up at 6 am to drive back to Bristol for my long run.  I was scheduled to run 9 miles, so I made sure to find a place that took advantage of Rhode Island’s water views as well as lots of green!

I may have been able to run closer to our hotel, but since I was in a new area, I chose a state park that was well marked and easy to navigate.  There is also an inaugural half marathon there this year, so I used their course map as inspiration.

IMG_3484There was a lake on one side and the bay on the other, so I got great views of both types of water.  I even found a cross country trail that snaked through the woods.  I think that may have been to my detriment, however, because in my last mile I felt a familiar pain in my knee.  I think it had to do with the instability of the trail and the length of the run.  I am going to train this week based on what my knee is telling me because I need it in top shape come September.



Of course I stopped to take some pictures because I couldn’t let nature go undocumented.


IMG_3498IMG_3485Or my face.





After my run, Neil and I headed into Providence to have brunch at Nick’s On Broadway.  It came highly recommended and people didn’t seem to mind the 45 minute wait, so we put our names in and took a walk around the area.

I stumbled upon a health food store and got a kale, banana, mango, orange, and chia smoothie.  I also got some dark chocolate because it’s delicious.  I was so happy to find this store since we obviously couldn’t travel with our precious Vitamix.


Brunch was delicious and I will recap all my weekend eats tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday.

After brunch we returned our rental car and took an Uber to nearby Warwick.  We wandered around the mall and indulged in our guilty pleasure of absurd dance movies.


After the movie, we headed to the airport where we found out that our flight was cancelled due to a medical emergency.  There were no flights out until Tuesday morning (where were we??), so we decided to hang out another day on the airline’s dime.

Since I wasn’t able to ice my knee immediately after my run, I took our new found vacation time to ice it in the hotel.  While you can do fitness anywhere, you can also do recovery.  I just used the bag from the ice container and iced away.


I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Question of the day: Has your flight ever been cancelled? What did you do? Did you party?

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