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Grant Park 5K Running Tour

Last weekend was definitely a good day to run outside.  It had rained and was still overcast when I headed out, but the temperature was perfect for running and I preferred the moisture in the air.  Sunday I had the privilege of taking the Grant Park 5K running tour with Marlin and Michael from Chicago Running Tours & More.  You may remember that I did the Tragic Event running tour two weekends ago and I had such a good time that when Marlin asked me if I wanted to join along on another one of his routes, I emphatically agreed.

This route is the shortest of the three at 3.1 miles and it takes you through the park and its history.  We met at the Bean again and headed out around the park.  One thing that was cleared up for me was that Grant Park is the name of the entire park complex and is comprised of smaller parks within it.



15686906587_9b553c6604_oDon’t mind any blurry pictures; I’m just that fast.

15685157698_2c5640e1bb_oBuckingham Fountain


15846033986_acfb4a1653_oAgora–one of it’s biggest financial supporters was Robin Williams.

15871210312_b7601c8fde_oBust of Aaron Montgomery Ward, who fought the good fight to develop and maintain the park.

15871211882_ee5817e335_oI don’t know how I feel about this giant man who spits water in the summer.

15249597434_bd7263284c_oStatue of Lincoln


15684335188_87149a22bf_oMy artistic prowess.  Check out more on Instagram.


IMG_0438.JPGWe came across this delightful little stick man perched on a tree trunk.


15252198653_5856a0c23c_oSuccess (again)!

15686086237_25d6cbde45_oOnce again, I had a great time and learned a lot about the history of the park and Lake Michigan.  There is one more tour in the 5K everyday series, the Chicago River Navy Pier tour, that I hope to be a part of in the coming weeks.  Let’s hope we magically get weather like we have had recently!

Marlin has run 49 sub-4 hour marathons (one in each state) and is headed to FL this weekend to attempt his 50th.  You can read more about his story and racing journey here.  Good luck!

Have a great afternoon and for my family and friends on the East coast, stay warm and safe these next few days!

Question of the day: Have you ever done a running tour? What’s your favorite way to see a new city?

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