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ClassPass + Sweat on State

Good morning!

Yesterday marked the first day of my month of ClassPass–a monthly pass to over a thousand different classes in 9 major cities.  A big thanks to the Chicago team for allowing me to try out this first month for free and report back to you all! Once this month is up I plan to review the entire experience, but for those of you with questions, please check out their FAQ page here.

Since yesterday was December 1st, I wasted no time in reserving a class.  This month has been a mess of pizza, donuts, and hiding from the cold.  I have done some running tours of the city and made use of the expansive fitness center in the building, but I don’t have a routine yet and it’s not making me happy.  My first class was at Sweat on State and I loved it!

I chose the Sweat class, which is defined on their site as a “high intensity, circuit-based course designed to maximize your total body workout and leave you toned and defined.”  I had a 9 am class, so I ran the mile to get there and ended up 20 minutes early.  I’m either a very fast runner or super paranoid about being late to places. You decide.


IMG_0534.JPGI took a picture of this because I like it and want it to be mine.  I’m glad I left my wallet at home.

IMG_0531.JPGThe previous class was just ending, so I snapped some pictures while I waited.


IMG_0535.JPGThe class before mine only had 2 people and my class only had 4, so that made for a great personalized experience.  The 6 am class, however, is apparently the place to be.  There were 15-20 people there! My instructor was Andrea and she did a great job demonstrating form and correcting it as well.  Also, I wanted her outfit.

I don’t have many pictures during the class obviously, but I will tell you that Sweat on State is not a misnomer.  I was definitely very sweaty when I finished.  Sweat, like Crossfit, has a daily Workout of the Day (WOD) and is meant to work many different parts of your body.  Here is yesterday’s:



  • KB: Kettlebell
  • WOD: Workout of the Day
  • KBS: Kettlebell swings
  • AMRAP: As many rounds as possible

What I liked about the WOD was during the 400m run and kettlebell swings, how hard we pushed ourselves was directly related to our reward.  With a set time of 3 min to complete, if you pushed yourself to run quickly and finish the KBS, you had more time to rest before beginning the next round.  If you took it easier on the treadmill, you most likely would finish the KBS and immediately have to start running again.

I talked with Andrea after class and while this workout is similar to Crossfit, they do not do any type of Olympic lifting.  In fact, she said that many Crossfitters come to Sweat on State after being injured in Crossfit.  They like the similar workout style without so much risk.  I definitely got a great workout and plan to head back there again before the month is out!

Word of advice: Eat something before you go. I have always been a person to wake up and work out on an empty stomach, but next time I will be sure to grab something small before this class.  It’s a little too intense to be running on empty.

I also wanted to fill you in on my new life development! I have decided to switch from my exhilarating career in admin to doing what I truly love–health and fitness.  I am planning on getting my personal training certification and will rule this city with my prowess.  Since we are in the midst of life changes and condo buying, the cost is a little prohibitive and I set up a collection on GoFundMe.  I’m sharing it with you, but please don’t feel obligated to donate anything.  If you continue to visit and follow me on my journey, that’s donation enough!  To visit, simply click on the picture.

gfmI am off to class #2 for ClassPass at Pure Barre and will be back with all you fine folks tomorrow! Enjoy today!

Question of the day: Have you ever used ClassPass? Do you do Crossfit? Can I train you? 

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