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Champion Review

*Dislcaimer: I received these clothes from Champion and am offering a review. All opinions are my own.

Hey guys! So you may remember when I received a mystery box of clothing from Champion a few weeks ago. I was finally contacted by someone who admitted that they had been sent to me as a mistake but asked if I would be willing to review them seeing as how I had already worn and washed a couple of the items.


I received 5 items from Champion:

  1. Marathon Tee
  2. Marathon Printed Packable Jacket
  3. Marathon Knee Tight
  4. Marathon Bra
  5. Curvy Show-Off Bra

I wore them over these few weeks and want to share my thoughts with you. These items are part of Champion’s #AllGainNoPain campaign (such a poet) and can be found here.

1. Marathon Tee – $27 (sale $21.99)

marathon tee

This shirt was fine. I liked the color and it was on par with other moisture-wicking Ts that I have for running. One thing I found with most of these clothes is that when you sweat it doesn’t really evaporate much. I think because this shirt was so loose it helped the air circulate and dry quicker.

  • Plus: lightweight, longer in the back
  • Minus: a little big

2. Marathon Printed Packable Jacket – $65


The best thing about this jacket was that it was light and packable into its own pocket for easy storage. I’m not sure that it is worth the $65 price tag, however. I have never been a big fan of jackets or sleeves when I run unless the temperatures are really low. If it is warm enough for me to wear such a thin jacket, I probably won’t even wear one at all. It is better for me to start off colder since I know I will always warm up as I run. One thing I did like was that it was waterproof so I could wear it during a warmer but drizzlier day.

  • Plus: compact, light, reflective, longer in the back, pockets, waterproof
  • Minus: pricey, not essential (for me)

3. Marathon Knee Tight – $42 (sale $29.49)



These photos were taken at last month’s #sweatworking event held at Sweat Chicago. I really wanted to like these pants because I am always in the market for new capris.  Overall the fit was good and I liked the color, but there was one glaring problem and that was their moisture-wicking capabilities. By the end of this workout it looked like I had peed myself because none of my lower body sweat seemed to be going anywhere. Let’s just say I was really lucky that I had elected to wear this super long tank.

Hmmm now I am remembering when I wore these pants to run and seemed to get more looks as I was passing people. I assumed it was because I looked like an amazing runner, but it could have been because they thought I was so dedicated that I didn’t have time to stop for a bathroom.

  • Plus: zipper pocket in back, good material, stay put
  • Minus: looks like you’ve peed yourself, run a little small

4. Marathon Bra – $48 (sale $33.49)

marathon bra

I don’t normally buy a lot of sports bras because I have such a ridiculous collection from past years, so it was nice to have a new one. The material is not as stretchy as I’m used to in a bra, but it held up fine during my longer run and I didn’t notice any chafing or rubbing. As with the pants, the sweat still accumulated but at least it wasn’t in such an awkward spot.

  • Plus: stays in place, no chafing, supportive
  • Minus: tight material, sweat is not quickly wicked

5. Curvy Show-Off Bra – $30 (sale $20.99)

show off bra back

That’s definitely what I looked like in this bra.  I don’t have many curves to show off, but I still liked the design of this bra because it was unlike any other ones that I have. I really liked the back and if I get any cute tops this spring/summer, I will pair it with this. This bra comes with cups which is also nice. Same functional issues as the marathon bra, but I’ll still wear it.

  • Plus: nice design, molded cups, supportive
  • Minus: tight material, sweat not wicked away


Ultimately I would say these clothes were mediocre. Not bad, not great, but somewhere in the middle. I was most disappointed with the pants but if Champion finds a way to actually make the fabric sweat-wicking then I would consider getting another pair. Some of the clothes were not quite my style, but I can make them work with what I have.


  • Do you have any experience with Champion clothes?
  • Do you wear light jackets when running?
  • What’s your favorite exercise brand?

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16 comments on “Champion Review

    1. I love all the Target Champion stuff too I’m just not sure why these were so lackluster for me

  1. Yep, I’m a lover of the Target Champion bras too. I go through wayyyyy too many running clothes to start buying expensive stuff. They keep my tiny tatas safe and stuck to my body, and I can’t ask for much more than that!
    Suzy recently posted…Abraham Lincoln Had a Step MomMy Profile

    1. I definitely love the Target line too and can’t justify spending so much money on exercise clothes. These ones were just meh for me, but I love them at Target!

    1. That’s a good plan. I didn’t really know when I would wear it, but that’s definitely a good option to wear it in between things!

    1. Haha thanks!

      I still have yet to try Lulu but I do have some store credit that I could use to perhaps justify the pricetag!

    1. Good point. I could definitely wear it in between things. I also love Champion clothes at Target so I am not sure why these were only ok for me.

    1. Oh well if that was their intention then they get a 10! Maybe I’m not as cool as I thought I was…

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