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How I Became a Morning Person

I remember waking up for high school as being one of the most miserable experiences of my life. I would set my alarm for as late as I could, wake up, do as little as possible to look presentable, and sleepwalk out the door. Waking up while it was still dark outside was LITERALLY one of the worst feelings in the world at that stage in my life.

Today, I’m routinely up before or by 6 am to train clients and one day a week I’m actually out the door by 4:30 am in order to teach classes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sleep (as evidenced by my frequent weekend naps), but during the week it’s all about business and what needs to get done.

This is what has worked for me in learning to love becoming a morning person. You may never even aspire to wake up with the sun is rising, which is completely fine, but if you need some tips on how to shift that schedule around, take a gander at what has helped me.

Looking for a brighter start to your day? Here are 5 steps that helped me shift my routine and become a morning person.

1. Set up a routine

I take a look at what I have going on during the week, which lets me know how late I can stay up and when I need to make sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour. By keeping my schedule relatively set, I have less chances to sleep in and get off track.

If I don’t have an early client or class, I still try and get out of bed around the same time in order to stay consistent. I will either get my workout in early or work on the blog or anything else I have going on.

2. Make sleep a priority

Sleep is one of my biggest priorities. It’s so important for so many different life functions and stress relief that it’s something I’m not willing to sacrifice anymore. Gone are the days when I would stay up all night hanging out or watching TV.

The choice is entirely up to you whether you want to wake up feeling refreshed or need to chug gallons of caffeine to make it through the day. I aim for at LEAST 7 hours of sleep or I know that my entire performance will suffer and that’s not something I’m willing to risk.

3. Drink tea before bed

Drinking a chamomile or other type of “sleepytime” tea is always helpful in relaxing me and getting me in a mindset of sleep. Two of my favorites are CALM and Yogi Bedtime tea (affiliate).

4. Lay out clothes the night before

Even though I love leisurely mornings, on the days I have to wake up super early, you’re not likely to find me adding an extra 30 minutes to my routine to sit and sip tea. I make sure to set out all the clothes I need to wear so that I can simply wake up, change, grab a quick breakfast, and head out the door. Plan plan plan.

5. GET UP.

It’s really as simple as this. Set your alarm, wake up, acknowledge that you’re tired and you’d rather go back to sleep (you’re not unique here), and just get. out. of. bed. The sooner you are up and moving around, the easier it will be to wake up. As long as you’ve gotten enough sleep the night before, that initial grogginess will dissipate and you’ll be on your way.

It takes some time if you’re not used to waking up at an early hour, but as long as you’re consistent and make it a routine, it’ll become easier. Then you can “sleep in” until 7 am on the weekends (ha), but you’ll also get SO MUCH done in the day!


  • Are you a morning person?
  • When do you go to bed?
  • Any tips I’m forgetting?

22 comments on “How I Became a Morning Person

    1. Absolutely! Although I aimed for that this morning and was like buuuuuut this bed is pretty nice too haha

    1. Right? A lot of times it’s just about getting up and not hitting that snooze button a million times. That makes me much sleepier than if I just get up!

  1. Love this! I have started getting up at 6am to either gym or swim before work and its great, yes its hard when the alarm goes off but 5 minutes up and its fine 🙂 I am fairly new to your blog and just wanted to say I love it!

  2. I have always been a morning person. I just dont do well staying up late. I love my morning routine. I feel so accomplished before 9am so it starts my day on the right foot. With that said I also love to have somewhat of an evening routine. Usually by 9pm I start to get ready for bed, such as shower, set out a snack to grab and go of I am heading to the gym early and start to wind down for the night. Even if I am not tired, just getting myself under the covers and reading before closing my eyes for the night.
    Alicia recently posted…Thai Spiralized Cucumber Zucchini SaladMy Profile

    1. That sounds perfect! I also love when I have so much done already and it’s not even noon 🙂

  3. deciding what to way the night before has always helped me get up early. its so much a routine now that my mind wont let me go to sleep until i’ve done that. Im not a morning person but i dont struggle as much to get out of bed. i think the tip i would add is dont hit the snooze a thousand times, just set your alarm 10 minutes before you need to get up and snooze once…its bad for your sleep to be jarred away that so often.

    1. Yes, good point! I’ve never been one to hit the snooze bc I feel like it makes it even harder to get up!

    1. Absolutely. Props to you for being up at 430 to work out. I only do it bc I get paid haha.

  4. Yes yes yes!
    I have a secret project in the works (heh) that miiiight required me to wake up at hours I deem inappropriate, so these are great tips.
    Honestly, I have no problem waking up early for a race, it’s the regular routine where I struggle.
    Ange // Cowgirl Runs recently posted…Happy Global Running Day!My Profile

  5. Really good tips! I love the Yogi Bedtime tea as well. I enjoy sleep but am not a good sleeper. I have to take my melatonin and even then some nights I find myself awake! I am def a morning person now but that didn’t happen until my later twenties. Now I enjoy being up and not wasting the day.
    Crystal Renaud recently posted…VCM 2016 & Half Marathon #8 RecapMy Profile

    1. Same here. In my 20s I just slept the day away but now I feel panicked if I let too much of the morning slip away!

    1. For some reason I don’t have much of a problem with that. I always get tired and pass right out haha. If I need to fall asleep super fast I’ll just read and then I’m out in no time!

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