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A Look At Our Home Redecorating

I probably should have titled this post “a look at our home DECORATING” since it took us almost four years to find a style that we actually liked, but I guess technically we did redecorate from our shoddy previous attempts, so here’s a look at what we’re working with now!

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First stop is our bedroom, which is now painted a cool whitish blue color. We added these white shelves in the corner which actually make way more of a difference than I thought they would. All the plants you’ll see in this post are from IKEA because they have amazing prices. They are also all real except these ones on the shelf which still look great up close.

Rather than a traditional chair, we invested in a large memory foam bean bag-type chair for reading and relaxing. Fun fact: the first night we got it Donut slept there all night and I was not happy about her choosing it over me and the bed.

It’s really comfortable and can be propped up different ways if you want to sit up straighter or lie down.

I got this plant on our second trip to IKEA because they didn’t have it available on the first. I knew I wanted a plant in our room but had totally forgotten about it the first time because I was just so excited at the affordable plant prices and bought them all for the living room instead.

As you can partially see, we also mounted a large mirror on the wall across from the bed and you can see the panels I made seven years ago when I first moved in with Neil. It’s just shiny fabric stretched over frames from a craft store and stapled in place!

We bought two sets of these nesting tables from Amazon — one circular and one triangular for the plants in the living room. The smaller of the two serves as my night stand and the larger one is where I shoot my food pictures.

If you never saw our bedroom before, it was full of heavy, dark furniture and one wall was a dark purple. Forgive Donut in all the before pictures, but she’s also cute to look at. 🙂

We got a much lower and lighter bed frame a few months ago and with the repainting, it feels much cooler and brighter. We hang out in there with the dog more often instead of only going there to sleep.

I shared some of these pictures before, but previously we had a large clock on this wall where the pictures now hang. Even though I love clocks, I didn’t love that one and so for awhile this was just a large blank wall after we took it down. I printed out some food and travel pictures I’ve taken and I love the way it turned out. The frames are also from IKEA.

This wall behind the TV used to be a burnt orange color — another accent wall choice. We also had a heavy entertainment center which we swapped out for this white and wood one. Again, the space feels brighter and more open with the color change.

This is my desk where I do most of my work unless I’m on my laptop somewhere in the city. There’s usually more papers on it, but I tidied it up for you guys. 🙂

This is one of my favorite pieces of art that we got at Bed Bath and Beyond of the city skyline. It hangs above my desk and I love the way it offsets the TV and fills up the wall space.

This bookcase is in the entryway of our place (also IKEA) and we had our contractor build on the top addition so that it goes all the way to the ceiling. I’ve had to get rid of a lot (read: TOO MANY) books at Neil’s behest so that we could pare it down to this one bookcase. MARRIAGE IS HARD.

We also added that shelf by the front door which has made such a difference.

Here are some shots of what the wall looked like before. I liked it initially, but then when watching things at night I didn’t like how the lights made everything else seem orange in the room too.

We didn’t do anything different to our kitchen, so this is just a look at the changes we made over the past couple weeks. I really love the way it all came together and feels cleaner and more simple. Thanks for following along!

6 comments on “A Look At Our Home Redecorating

  1. Love it Erin! It’s almost as magical as you three! Now I laughed my ass off when I saw that Donut TRADED you in for a memory foam bean bag chair; come on Donut; where is the love, where is the loyalty??? I guess she should be put on a NO bits and pieces 1 week restriction of Perfect Bars, brownies, and pizza diet just to show her some of what the memory foam bean bag chair lacks, albeit comfy and warm I am sure.

    Place looks great! I moved to my condo in 2012 with my girlfriend turned finance (condo still here, my love not so much) it was a lot of work but very satisfying to have it finally decorated completely by 2014.

  2. Is there anything better than a fresh, bright and white space with pops of green from plants? The answer is no, which is why I assume you made your space that flipping amazing. Definitely stealing some of these ideas for our new home in California! It’s like a wellness HEAVEN. – Kaitlyn | http://www.poweredbysass.com
    Kaitlyn @ Powered by Sass recently posted…Life Lately – California Living, House Hunting and What’s Next for MeMy Profile

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