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One Year With Donut

Yesterday, July 8th, marked one year since we brought Donut home from the shelter. You can read that post here if you’re interested and keep reading to see how it’s been!

It’s been a year of adventures, and an incredible year at that. We had a bit of a rough start with her as she decided that I was apparently a chew toy for the first month or two. I was constantly covered in bruises, but we were finally able to break her of that habit and I could enjoy normal time with my dog.

She has been such a tremendous addition to our little family and had taught us a lot about patience (especially Neil).

She loves the beach, but more than the beach she loves trying to find ways to sneak out the gate to the “no dogs allowed” part of the beach and LOSING HER MIND with the taste of freedom. Nothing, not even bribing her with food, will get her attention as she gallops halfway down the beach and tries to investigate family picnics. Note to everyone, dog or no dog: please make sure you latch gates behind you when dogs are involved.

This is quite possibly the best picture I have ever taken in my life.

Donut had her first stay in a hotel this year, which confused and excited her. The night time was a little rough, since she likes to alert us whenever people are in the hallway (at home too), but overall she did great.

She’s still incredibly photogenic.

She has two main settings: manic and calm. Here are some of the latter since I doubt the camera would even catch her in her wild times. 🙂

The things I love most about her are her idiosyncratic behaviors: she is sometimes scared of the kitchen and hallway and will have to back into or out of them, she senses when we are about to leave and bolts under the bed or the desk, and when she doesn’t want to move she will go limp like a child and force me to slide her across the floor to put her where she needs to go (usually her crate).

She’s much more vocal now and lets us know when she’s hungry or needs to go out with a series of Chewbacca-esque noises that make me laugh more than anything. She has a definite hound howl that she’s been good about keeping to the outside world unless we get her really riled up inside.

While she didn’t start off as very affectionate, she has gotten much better about allowing us in her bubble. She’s still very independent and if we crowd her too much she will get up and move somewhere else, but for the most part she likes being close to us which feels like such an accomplishment from the early days when we first brought her home.

Let me tell you — there’s nothing better than a nap with a dog.

I’m so glad that we have each other and she’s been so amazing to watch grow over this past year. Here’s to many more treats, adventures, and fun with this little nut.

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