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Fitness Gift Guide For Moms

Fitness definitely becomes harder once you have children. I learned this most recently when I had to stop bringing Miles to the gym. He has been getting more vocal and required more attention, so it wasn’t the best situation for myself and the other gym-goers. I was lucky enough to be able to bring him in the first place, and even more that he behaved himself for a full six months. That got me thinking, so I wanted to bring you this fitness gift guide for moms to be able to help ease her back into things. If you have any additional ideas, let me know!

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Foam roller — this is so important no matter if you’re a mom or not, but especially after having a baby those muscles really need to get rolled. Holding a baby, carrying car seats, and bending over much more than normal can cause issues with spinal alignment and muscle imbalances, so having a good foam roller at home can really help work out any issues and open things up.

Resistance Bands — I didn’t see this option when I bought all my bands for personal training, but if I had I would have bought this one for sure. This set contains both the mini bands and the longer tube bands that both offer great at-home resistance options. In addition, there are door handles, ankle straps, sliders (!), and a couple more options to offer great at home options.

adidas Ultraboost Shoes — I have two pairs of these and I love them. Technically I have the Ultraboost X shoes, but these are the same family and get stellar reviews. I wear mine for more high-intensity workouts rather than a lot of running or weight training, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Clothing Gift Cards — Getting new gym clothes always makes me excited for a workout. Find out what her favorite clothing brands are and grab a gift card so she can pick out some of her faves!

adidas Essentials Linear Tank Top — I have three of these and they are some of my favorites to wear to the gym. After having Miles, I wasn’t as huge of a fan of the skintight tops that I used to wear to workouts, so the cut and fit of these are really great.

Gym Membership — more and more gyms these days are starting to offer childcare which is so amazing. Do some research and see which gyms near her offer childcare and get her a month to try out. If you’re not sure if she’d like it, come to her with your research and tell her you’d like to buy her a month membership if she wants to try any of them.

If she’s not into going to the gym and would prefer to work out at home, check out some online memberships that you could buy. There are a lot of programs involving workouts like yoga, pilates, strength training, and others guaranteed to provide a good workout.

Trigger Point Gun — similar to a foam roller, a trigger point/massage gun simply allows for more targeted pressure at certain areas. If there is persistent tightness that needs to be broken up, these guns allow you to apply pressure similar to that of a deep tissue massage. Many have multiple settings and tip attachments for different parts of the body. I recently got this one from Tempo Health and it has been a game changer. It’s also much less expensive than some of the other models out there, which was a real selling point for me.

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Nutribullet — Making smoothies is a quick way to get in a bunch of nutrients, but it can be annoying to make a single smoothie in a giant blender. A Nutribullet can be used quickly and efficiently to make a single smoothie that you can drink directly from the container. Anything that provides efficiency is great for moms!

Babysitting — this one is completely free and can often mean more than tangible gifts. If the mom in your life is having trouble getting to the gym or even just having solo time to work out at home, offer to babysit for an hour. Being able to exercise without worrying about children can be so helpful.

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