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North Carolina House Tour: Before

I figured that it might be fun to give you guys a tour of our new house here in North Carolina before we close on Friday. We made it to Raleigh last Saturday and are staying with Neil’s cousin and his wife until then (maybe a little longer depending on movers but TBD). They’re about a 30-40 min drive from where we will be, and we haven’t actually had time yet to visit our new home in person. So crazy. I plan to meet up with my aunt who lives out that way later today, so I also plan to creepily drive by the house and check out at least the exterior.

We have some renovations that we plan on doing, but we will know more once we actually get in there and see everything. This new house is approximately twice the size of our condo in Chicago, which already feels like a lot. We didn’t want a giant house and we also didn’t want new construction because a lot of those felt very similar and manufactured. This house felt like the perfect combination of cozy and unique, and I can’t want to finally settle in!


First, I want to say that I can only aspire to decorate as well as the previous owner did. Decoration is something that I’ve always struggled with, simply because I’m not all that creative in that department. My go-to back in Chicago was basically to keep things minimal and put plants everywhere, so let’s see how this blank canvas turns out.

The entryway is small and leads right to the stairs to the second level. There is the main entrance (pictured here), but there is also a cute side porch that leads into a mudroom off the kitchen, so I’m not sure which one will become our default entrance.

Living Room

The living room is adorable and while we have our old entertainment center and TV coming, we had to leave our couch behind because it was simply too big for this space. We’d also had it for almost 9 years and Donut had definitely made herself at home on it, so we’re in the market for a new one while we’re here. We looked at a couple places the other day, but didn’t find exactly what we wanted so the search is still on.

There’s also a fireplace that burns actual wood which I am SO excited about. The living room then leads into the kitchen/dining room.


There are a few things that we will have to renovate, and the kitchen is one of them. Everything we want to change is mainly for aesthetics and not because they’re functionally unsound. I like the white in the kitchen, but several of the cabinets are cracked and just a little outdated. We also plan to change the exhaust over the stove to external, since right now it just circulates back into the house which has never made sense to me.

We are looking at dining room tables since we got rid of ours a couple years ago and may get one with benches that can slide back under the table to give us more space when we’re not using them.


Our bedroom is on the first floor and the other two are on the second. I’ll have to see this space in person to know what kind of storage we’ll need to get, but it’s plain and simple and works for us. Neil is trying to decide where to set up camp for his home office, and while he could use one of the bedrooms upstairs, that’s where Miles will be and it might make more sense to allocate a corner of our bedroom for the time being.


There are 2.5 bathrooms in our house — one attached to our bedroom, a half near the kitchen, and one upstairs. I have never cared about bathrooms and could care less what they look like, but Neil is all about redoing virtually everything in them. He can have a good time with that because I’m so bored by them. Ha.

Upstairs Bedroom 1

This will be Miles’ room. I’ll probably put his crib where the bed in the picture is and then figure out what else we need in there. Since he was in our bedroom before, he barely had any things to take up space, so it’ll be interesting to see what else we end up getting for this room. It’ll also be weird to have him so far away, but we’ll all get used to it.

Upstairs Bedroom 2

This bedroom is right above the living room. As you can see, there are some cut outs that overlook it and we will have to get in and live there to see if we want to seal them off with glass or something to help with and noise issues. It’s a great guest room or office or play room.

Upstairs Bath

This bathroom is shared by both upstairs rooms and will also need some work, but again, as long as it’s functional I don’t really care. These are all Neil. πŸ™‚


Guys, we have a yard. Apparently in this area it’s common to use these pine needles rather than grass, so we’ll have to see if we like it like this or if we want to plant something. We have a small deck that Neil is already plotting to fill with grills and smokers, and it looks like I’ll have a great time doing some power washing to spruce things up a bit. There’s also a small playground and trail access right behind our backyard, which is amazing.

There’s also a shed behind the house that we are hoping to turn into a home gym if everything can fit. I’ve been checking out fitness wholesale places around here and am pretty confident that we can recreate our workouts from Chicago here in our own backyard.

That’s it! I’ll share more once we move in and as we start decorating everything. Thanks for joining along πŸ™‚

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  1. This house looks a little like your aunt house but a smaller version. I’ve been to your aunt’s house before.

    I know you guys will love North Carolina. It’s a beautiful place to live. I’ve never been to any where but the

    place but Carolina Reserve the place where I live.

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