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Baby #2: It’s A…


We were able to find out the sex of the baby early (it’s usually at the 20 week ultrasound) because we had genetic testing done the week we left Chicago. I was 10 weeks pregnant and we got the results about four days later — the day before we moved.

Unlike last time, where our reveal was also a surprise to us, we checked the results as soon as they came in online. Neil was able to spot the sex first and he said “I KNEW IT” as I was still frantically scanning the page. He had guessed a girl because this pregnancy had been so different than my previous one in terms of negative symptoms. Not that that always indicates a girl, but just because I had such a different experience this time around.

Honestly, I’m a little nervous about having a girl, but I also cried when I found out that Miles was a boy because I thought I didn’t know how to raise one. Now, I can’t imagine things any differently and I know that once she’s here I’ll do just as good of a job with her as I have with Miles.

We already have a name picked out, but that’s staying a surprise until she’s here. Thanks so much for your patience and for joining along with us in this journey!

For a look back at Miles’ reveal, you can head to this post.

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  1. I had my son first and then my daughter and I was nervous too, but I promise you that she will be yours and you will be hers and it is magical. <3

  2. So happy you have a healthy baby growing inside you & of course, girls or boys are wonderful. I had 2 boys & then a girl, & there are pros & cons to each. LOL Girls definitely have way cuter clothes & SHOES. You have to start girls young on that shoe thing. 🙂 I had a strong feeling you were having a girl from your description of how you felt. Exact same situation with me when I was pregnant w/ a girl, plus I carried her a little more on the sides as well as front; not at all the case w/ my boys.
    Take good care of yourself. Keeping you & your growing family in my prayers.

  3. Congrats on the little bundle of girl joy heading your way! From the time when I first knew I wanted to have children, I had always envisioned myself having 3 boys, After 2 boys, imagine my surprise when out popped Princess 🙂 When Dr. and husband announced from the business end of me “It’s a girl!” first words out of my mouth were “I’ll be damned!” I have to tell you that she has just been a gift in my life. She’s 24 now and I have loved every minute. I’ll bet you do, too. Take care!

  4. This is wonderful news! I have three daughters- all grown up now. You are giving your son the best present ever- a sweet little sister!

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