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5 Of My Best Articles About Depression

The holidays can be a hard time for many. Add in things like a pandemic, isolation due to said pandemic, a turbulent election, and any of the other countless hurdles of this year, and it’s no surprise that virtually all of us are struggling. I decided to compile five of my best articles about depression in one place to share with you my experience with it. These posts have gained popularity on places like Pinterest lately, which is an indication to me that we are all looking for a little more help and support.

I've written a lot about mental health over the years, but wanted to have one place to highlight my best articles about depression. Hope it helps!

There’s Always A Reason, But It May Not Be What You Think: I have likely suffered with depression for far longer than I’ve been diagnosed with it, and this post walks through how I was able to convince myself that my depression was because of many other life factors rather than depression itself.

The Positive Side of Depression: a look at how to reframe living with depression to find ways to appreciate some of its aspects.

My Experience With Starting Antidepressants: one of my most popular posts, this one chronicles what happened when I started taking Lexapro, how long it took to start working, and some helpful tips on what NOT to do when starting an antidepressant.

10 Changes After I Started Antidepressant Medication: while the previous post chronicles my physical experience with starting antidepressants, this post takes a wider look at how medication changed and improved my life in so many subtle ways.

When Depression Comes Back: when I started taking antidepressant medication, I thought that that was it. It didn’t dawn on me that things could change, my body could acclimate, or that I would have to start my depression journey all over again.

These are my some of my best articles about depression, but I have many other mental health-related ones that you can browse here. You can also read more about my experience with therapy in treating my depression in these posts.

What are some of the best articles about depression that you have read? I’d love to know in the comments!

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