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Best Resources For Pregnant and Postpartum Fitness

A look at some of the best resources for pregnant and postpartum fitness.

It’s been six weeks – the recommended amount of time to wait before returning to exercise – since I had Remy, but I can definitely tell you both through professional and personal experience that I am nowhere near ready to jump back into things. It’s common to be cleared for exercise at six weeks and told that you’re able to go back to what you were doing before. In my case, what I was doing before was Crossfit with heavy weights and I knew after my first delivery that I wasn’t ready for that at all. It’s why women jump back into exercise and soon find themselves injured. Doctors are great at their specialty – delivering babies – but aren’t always as informed when it comes to appropriate behaviors postpartum (or even during pregnancy).

In order to learn how to approach things for a safe postpartum return to exercise and how to exercise during pregnancy to avoid later complications, I compiled some of the best resources on the subject.

A look at some of the best resources for pregnant and postpartum fitness to avoid further complications or injury before, during, and after.

Before I jump into some of my favorite resources for pregnant and postpartum fitness, I want to share my own posts on the subject. It’s important to know that no two bodies are the same and no two pregnancies or postpartum journeys are as well. If someone is prescribing a one size fits all plan, it may not be as helpful as you think.

Dr. Sarah Duvall – Core Exercise Solutions

Sarah is a physical therapist, personal trainer, and honestly one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve seen on this subject. I, and many others, got our postpartum corrective exercise specialization through her course, which also provides continuing education credits for a variety of organizations.

She provides a lot of information on her Instagram account and there are also many free resources available on her website, all of which I have linked below. Definitely take some time to poke around on her website to check out other resources that may apply to you.

Liz Cuttica – Milly Grey Movement

Liz is a friend of mine from Chicago and I love seeing what she’s done since getting her specialization. I first knew her as a fitness instructor, but after having her daughter, going through her own traumatic delivery, and discovering the importance of postpartum women’s health, her passion for helping other women became more than evident.

She recently launched Milly Grey Movement, named after her daughter (and who I stole Remy’s middle name from 🙂 ), to help pregnant and postpartum women on their fitness journeys. She’s a wealth of information and definitely someone I recommend.

Jacquelyn Brennan – Pilates and Coffee

Jacquelyn is another Chicago resource and the first person I went to after I had Miles. I can’t remember how I first got connected to her, but I do remember how helpful and knowledgeable she was.

As someone who enjoys exercise, I never quite grasped it when clients would tell me that they had to pay me so that they would be sure to work out. After realizing that the first step to successfully reconnecting with your body after birth is through breath work, I suddenly understood. I am much more of a high-intensity, heavy weight workout person, so simply working on my breathing to reactivate muscles that had been out of use or stretched for so long was something I did not have the patience for. Paying for it was the only way I could – ha.

Jacquelyn is kind, helpful, and just like everyone on this list – wants women to succeed in their postpartum fitness journey. I’m so glad that we connected and she is another great resource in this area.

Expecting and Empowered

This is one of the most helpful Instagram accounts I’ve ever found about perinatal fitness and even just learning and caring for your body before, during, and after pregnancy. Started by two sisters — one a nurse and one a physical therapist — it’s so comprehensive and helpful.

My suggestion is to follow them on Instagram and take a look at all of their highlights. There is a TON of information and it’s where I learned a lot about scar massage after my c-section with Miles, something that a lot of c-section moms don’t even know to do! They also have very helpful pregnancy and postpartum fitness guides that will help you at whatever point you’re at on your journey.

Brianna Battles – The Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete

I also came across Brianna when I was pregnant with Miles and I was drawn to her content because she was someone who talked about fitness in pregnancy not as something to shy away from, but to do safely and intelligently. She didn’t encourage people to stay away from heavy weights or Crossfit workouts like I was doing, just how to be more educated and approach them with a different mindset.

She offers several courses and free resources on her website, which I’ve linked below.

Am I missing any? If you’ve found any resources for pregnant and postpartum fitness that aren’t on this list, please leave them below!

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