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7 Habits of Physically Healthy People

The post 7 Habits of Physically Healthy People first appeared on Erin’s Inside Job in July 2018.

As a personal trainer and someone who enjoys finding a balance in my own definition of healthy, I tend to notice habits of physically healthy people. I’ll likely follow up with a post about mentally or emotionally healthy people, but for today, these are some of the common denominators I try and practice in my own life and what I’ve observed in the lives of others.

There are many common denominators among physically healthy people. Here are 7 habits of physically healthy people that you can look to make part of your life!

1. They understand it’s a lifestyle

Living a physically healthy life doesn’t mean “I’m going to eat well for 2 weeks so I can fit into ____ .” Many people fail to grasp that health requires maintenance and isn’t something that you turn on and off. It can often feel daunting to think about making a total wellness change, but ask yourself if you can just do it today. Projecting into the future is scary for any kind of change, so just concentrate on doing the best you can one day at a time.

2. They plan and commit to their workouts

Weekly, my workouts are scheduled on my calendar. I tend to keep the same routine, so I know not to schedule clients during that time. If I absolutely have to, then I make sure to block off another time on my calendar that will ensure I sweat 4-5 times a week. Not only is exercise important to my physical health, but it’s something that starts each day off on a positive note so that the rest of my day usually follow suit.

I find that morning workouts are my favorite because it’s the first part of my day and there’s little to get in the way of me showing up. If you can consistently make it to afternoon or evening workouts, then more power to you, but if you’re having trouble going because of schedules, last minute interruptions, or you’re just too tired, you may want to consider carving out time in the morning.

3. They get enough sleep

Sleep is SO IMPORTANT. I can’t emphasize that enough. People vary in the amount of sleep they need, but chances are that you know what your body needs to operate at its best. Don’t make excuses as to why you are skimping on the shut eye and actually make it happen. You’d be amazed at how much better you feel.

4. They listen to their bodies

Whether we’re talking about fitness or hunger cues, physically healthy people take the time to listen to what their bodies are telling them. This may mean putting off a workout due to a high level of soreness or starting to feel under the weather or learning to stop eating when they’re full. Figuring out the difference between eating for sustenance vs. emotional eating is also an important distinction that can help keep you on track.

5. They keep positive company

In addition to the emotional benefits, keeping positive company for physical health is a great way to keep you motivated. Surround yourself with people who will help keep you accountable and encourage you to make healthier choices. Friends who pressure you to stay out late, drink more, or give you a hard time for wanting to work out are going to eventually start bringing you down.

6. They drink water

This is one I used to be so good at when I had a desk job, but making sure to drink enough water during the day is something I’m working on improving. While there are varying opinions on how much is enough, the most common suggestion is eight 8 oz glasses (or 1/2 gallon) per day.

7. They eat dessert

It’s important to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, but for most people it’s not sustainable 24/7. Understand that you can still enjoy your favorite dessert or snack, just probably not every day of your life. For me, a well balanced food lifestyle includes salads, lean proteins, and sugar. 🙂

What other habits of physically healthy people can you think of?

There are many common denominators among physically healthy people. Here are 7 habits of physically healthy people that you can make part of your life!

10 comments on “7 Habits of Physically Healthy People

  1. So much yes to this!!! #5 is the toughest for me because people are constantly judging me for not going out late and drinking. I’m 34 and single, so being “out” is what I “should” do. But my health comes first and because #4 is so important to me, I know I need a healthy dinner {+ dessert} and good sleep in order to be my best and healthiest the next day.

      1. Hi Kaitlyn: YESSSSS. Can we be friends? Hehe. I need more people in my life who consider “going out” to mean meeting for an acai bowl or a gigantic salad.


      1. Totes agree! I am a major morning person so anything after 8 pm is rouuuuuugh for me! Not that you asked, but since you are much younger than me, I will give you some advice based on my experiences. Stay authentic and be true to yourself. The friends that love and appreciate you for who you are, including being healthy, prioritizing sleep, and doing what you need to do in order to live your best life, will stick around. The ones that judge or pressure you are not worth it anyway. I would rather have less friends who don’t judge me than a bunch of friends who are constantly push me out of my healthy zone. Quality over quantity! 🙂
        Courtney Koch recently posted…Is Happiness a Destination?My Profile

  2. Yes, yes, yes to ALL of this, especially the positive company and sleep bit! I just spent the past week driving from D.C. to L.A. to live (!!!) and spent a night in Vegas. Everyone was telling me where to party, where to stay out all night long, etc., but I was literally in bed by 9:30 p.m. and had like, 2 drinks. Loved it. Will I go hard next time? Maybe, but probably not, because my healthy lifestyle includes avoiding hangovers and getting enough sleep to where I feel like a glowing goddess angel the next morning. And the best part? I still had a glorious time. – Kaitlyn | http://www.poweredbysass.com
    Kaitlyn @ Powered by Sass recently posted…What I Learned Driving Across the CountryMy Profile

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