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Miles: Year Two

This past year has been a real whirlwind. From finding out I was pregnant again right around Miles’ first birthday to the world shutting down because of the pandemic to moving halfway across the country, it’s been a lot and I don’t think I realized that until I sat down to write this post.

Everything shut down due to the pandemic in March. His first birthday was April 25th, 2020, so I guess he’s spent his second year mostly in quarantine. I found out I was pregnant again, but I had a lot of anxiety because I wasn’t 100% sure that I was. That, coupled with spending all day in our bedroom with Neil working from home in the living room made for a lot to handle. I took Miles to Michigan for a couple nights so we could hike, see the water, and I could work on getting my mind off of whether I was pregnant or not (spoiler alert: I was).

We decided to move back to the east coast in June (three weeks after deciding), and he adjusted to everything really well. We made the 14 hour drive in one day and he only started to get fussy towards the end of it.

We weren’t able to close on our house until a couple weeks after getting there, so we stayed with Neil’s cousin until then. I expected the transition to cause issues with his sleeping, but he acclimated to sleeping in his Pack n’ Play immediately. We finally moved into our new house, but it needed some updating, so we ended up back at Neil’s cousin’s house for another five weeks.

During those five weeks, we took a trip to Carolina Beach and it was the first time that Miles had seen the ocean. He didn’t particularly love the sand and definitely didn’t want to go down by the water, but he had a great time hanging out at the house we rented.

I took him on a lot of adventures last summer to explore the area and also because I was so happy to be back in a place that had a lot of nature to choose from. We went flower picking, played on the railroad tracks, visited the sunflower fields, picked peaches, found an awesome bridge in our explorations, and went to lots and lots of places with water. It was a blast.

I was even able to get some pictures of him in my favorite Native Fable hats when I dressed him up like a wolf for Halloween.

His sister arrived December 2nd and my mom and sister came down to help watch him while I was in the hospital. He’s really adjusted to life here better than I thought he would and the past couple months he’s really grown in his development.

Through it all, Miles has been a dream. He’s such a light and a positive addition to any situation he’s in. I’m truly so lucky to have him.


  • Walking: 14 months
  • Dropped the bottle: 18 months
  • Started daycare: 18 months
  • He has all his teeth except his two year molars

I had such a hard time making the decision to send him to daycare and I wavered on it for weeks. Ultimately, it was such a good decision and I’m really glad I made it. It gave me a bit of a break so that I could work on things like the blog and just have some mental down time and it allowed him to socialize with other kids, which was something he wasn’t able to do given the pandemic. His verbal skills really exploded and he started learning things that I realized I didn’t really have the desire or patience to teach him (numbers, letters, colors, etc.).

Another thing I want to make sure to remember is that he took his first steps in our new home. We had been living at Neil’s cousin’s house, but I needed to go to our new house to meet with plumbers before we officially moved in. I took Miles and while we waited around, he decided to take his first few steps and it was so sweet.

Miles & Remy

I was so worried about adding another child and what that would do to our relationship. I reached out for tips on introducing a baby to a toddler and wrote this post about the things we were doing to make the transition a smooth one.

He adjusted to her really well, minus his initial fear when he realized that she moved unlike his baby doll he had been playing with. Initially, he was pretty indifferent to her, but then became more aware of her when she cried and he always ran over to try and give her her pacifier. He still never really wanted to touch her, but I could tell that he was interested in her and liked seeing what she was doing.

He had a tough time saying her name, and started calling her “Yimmy,” which has now become her name in the house. It’s definitely a nickname that is here to stay and I have to use her real name every once in awhile so that I don’t forget it. I love so much that her nickname came from him.


Being a toddler is hard, and he’s definitely had some hard days. I follow a lot of Instagram accounts about how to raise emotionally healthy children and just how to best respond to tantrums and things like that. I’ve learned so much and it’s really helped me empathize with him and all his big feelings.

One of my favorite parts about this past year is that he’s finally started coming to me for love, affection, safety, whatever. It’s something that I craved in his first year, but he was very independent and always busy with his projects. He didn’t like to be held for too long because he was always busy and wanted to play. He’s still independent in a lot of his play, but now he finally wants me to play with him or for me to hold him. He comes to me when he’s upset and he wants me to hold him at night before I put him in his crib. I didn’t realize that it would take so long, but it is 100% my favorite part about motherhood so far.


  • Poop

We’ve had an up and down relationship with poop. The first time he pooped in the tub was while I was in the hospital with Remy. It didn’t seem to be that big of an issue until he did it again about two months later. Suddenly, he was terrified of the bath and would scream and scramble to get out if I put him in. We finally got him to want to take baths again, but he refused to sit in the water. Just a few days ago, three months since this started, he sat down again. It was a real struggle for awhile.

While the bath thing was an issue, he became really interested in poop in other ways. He wanted to find Donut’s poop in the yard. He talked about it all the time. He wanted to check his diaper and his sister’s diaper every time I changed them. We got him a couple books about poop and he always wanted to read them. In fact, he loved looking for Donut’s poop so much that for his birthday I bought fake poop from Amazon and hid it around the yard so he could have a poop scavenger hunt (which he loved ha).

He’s not ready for potty training yet, but I bought him one anyway so he can get used to it and we can have it on hand for when he is. I can tell now that it’s definitely going to be an adventure. 🙂

  • Talking: he talks nonstop and has even started saying short 3-4 word sentences
  • Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster
  • Batman
  • Our pond: he likes to go see the fish every morning and throw rocks into the pond
  • Coloring: crayons, markers, window crayons, you name it – he colors with it
  • Cars: right now he thinks every big or loud car is a dump truck 🙂
  • Underwear scarf: he likes to take my underwear and put it around his neck like a scarf (HA)

I have loved this past year and as he starts his journey on the road to three, I can only see me loving it more. His conversations are getting more complex (and adorable) and he’s really growing into his own little person. He is such an amazing boy and I’m so thankful that he chose me to be his mother.

Happy Birthday, little monkey.

6 comments on “Miles: Year Two

  1. Happy Birthday, Miles! I love reading this reflection of the past year, and how much you all have adapted and grown. So happy to be a witness to this amazing journey. Much love!

  2. Love this! What a cutie. I’m obsessed with the fact that he loves poop. I’m currently in the same mental/emotional spot you were in with daycare. We’re thinking of starting my little dude this fall (he’ll be 16 months) so it’s really great to hear that it was a positive transition for you!

    1. It really was! I was so conflicted, but it’s been really great for his development – esp since the pandemic has really limited the amount of time he’s gotten w other kids. I definitely think it was a great choice for us, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post … happiest of birthdays for your adorable & sweet little guy. There is so much change in the toddler years that it’s hard to keep up w/ sometimes. I have to agree w/ you that the snuggles are the BEST part of motherhood.

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