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Blogfest 2016 Recap

As you know, I spent last Thursday and Friday in LA attending Blogfest. Held concurrently with Idea World’s Health and Fitness Conference and Expo, Blogfest combines health, fitness, and blogging all in one place. Speakers and workshops focus on things from growing your social media following to examining trends in the online space.

This was the second time I attended and I have to say that this year was much improved from last. If you’re interested in reading my recap from that, check out the links below:

Here’s my take on this year’s events.

Reap of Blogfest 2016, a two-day blogging and fitness conference held concurrently with the Idea World Health and Fitness Convention each year.

I arrived in CA Wednesday afternoon. I went to my brother and sister in law’s house, spent time with the family, then got some sleep to prepare for an early start to my morning. Both days I took a Lyft to the LA Convention Center (new user referral credits woooooop) in time for breakfast.

I checked in and picked up my ENORMOUS swag bag which of course I forgot to photograph while I was unpacking everything. Just know it was legit.

Idea World 2016 Fitness Conference

Breakfast the first morning was sponsored by General Mills and we were able to try out Good Culture cottage cheese, which was pretty delicious. I haven’t had cottage cheese in forever, but more than made up for it with the copious amounts I used in making this parfait.

General Mills Breakfast Blogfest

Rather than go through every session in painful detail as I’m known to do, I want to spend more time talking about the people. I’m thinking about writing one big takeaway post after Fitbloggin’ this week, so I don’t want to go overboard on each one individually.

For me, this was by far a conference of people. Last year I kept my social circle very small, mainly from comfort, but also because I wasn’t in the best place mentally and emotionally. It was the peak of my marriage troubles and I was really just exhausted and beaten down from dealing with all of it. Because I didn’t branch out and make new connections, I relied more on the conference material to make me feel better. When I didn’t take away much new information, I got frustrated and let down with the whole experience.

This year was so completely different. For one, I found many of the sessions helpful and even if I didn’t take away brand new, enlightening information from every one, I was at least motivated and inspired to put more effort into the things I love.

What really did it for me this year was the people. I talked to people I had never met, reunited with those I haven’t seen in awhile, and FINALLY met ones that I’ve been corresponding with for months or years, but hadn’t actually met face to face. It was amazing. I love this blogging world and the ability it gives me to make so many connections in so little time.

Blogfest 2016 Friends

In these photographs:

We had amazing lunches provided by Morningstar Farms and Pure Protein, as well as snacks galore in our actual room from Siggi’s and Truitt Family Foods.

Pure Protein Blogfest 2016

Blogfest 2016 Snacks

There were no scheduled workouts the first day, so after our last session, a group of us headed out for dinner at Rosa Mexicano. I ate there last year and the tableside guacamole is AMAZING. I continued my ceviche obsession. My phone wouldn’t focus, but you can still see the deliciousness.

Rosa Mexicano Ceviche

Friends old and new!

Blogfest 2016

Friday I did the same thing and took a Lyft to the convention center. We started an hour earlier and I loaded up on dairy free yogurt and smoothies from Silk. I attended most of the sessions during this day, but spent more time downstairs in the expo than I did the day before.

I wanted a wonderfully beautiful photo on this hoop for Instagram, but ended up with this nonsense. At least I’m enjoying it!


We did have a scheduled workout this day, so we all headed down to the expo floor to workout with Gunnar Peterson and a couple other trainers. We all split into four groups and rotated through different stations. I was actually really impressed with the workout and was definitely sore the next day.

I don’t have any actual workout pictures, but I do have the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop watching this after we took it. It’s incredible.


I always love having the ability to meet people I view as influential or who create brands that I love. I had all that and more this time. From left to right:

Blogfest 2016 Speakers

The entire experience was amazing and I felt sad saying goodbye to people as I left on Friday. I definitely took away a lot and I’m glad that I was able to attend again this year. I’ll post a more blogging-specific recap after both conferences are over and go over my biggest takeaways.

A big thanks to Fit Approach and everyone who helped put on such an awesome event!


  • Have you ever been to a conference or convention?

35 comments on “Blogfest 2016 Recap

    1. Totally agree although I realized that I didn’t get one w you and it made me sad inside n

  1. Want to attend a fitness conference close to Chitown and get a bunch of the CEC’s for your PT Cert? Check out NETA Fit Fest in Appleton, WI in September or Des Moines, IA in October. Not as big as IDEA, but great presenters and content in a fun and friendly environment.
    AmberLynn recently posted…The Ups and Downs of FlashingbackMy Profile

    1. The Canadians that were there were talking about that so I learned all about it haha. I hope I can see you sometime!

  2. Sounds like a great conference. I spoke and attended FitBloggin’ last year and had a blast. I wish I could attend more but my day job is not blogging. Wondering which one is best for a run blogger? p.s. love the propel gif. How fun!
    Ty recently posted…Running Half BuffMy Profile

    1. Thanks ty! I’d say that Blogfest probably has a lot more technical information and opportunities. Fitbloggin does talk about running, but it’s not as academic and focuses a lot on behavioral change as well.

    1. Oh man I should have said hi! I just talked to a guy when I was there. At least you got to eat delicious perfect bars??

  3. I can’t express just how much joy it gave me to see all of you gals together, doing all the things we love to do and talk about, fitness, food (so much of it), and I think that’s the wonderful thing about this community. Nobody feels judged for what they eat or how much they eat or when or… because there is just so much understanding and freedom.

    And Mr. Siggi is TALL! 🙂 Wow. Blog Fest is totally on my list for next year. Do you think I would see you there, hopefully?
    Emily recently posted…TOLT: When You Doubt YourselfMy Profile

  4. This sounds like a really great event! I didn’t know Siggi was a really person! We host an annual conference every year at my work for the province’s hospitality industry. Well the sessions can be helpful and educational, I definitely find the most beneficial part – as you say – can be the people! Putting a face to email names, seeing people I haven’t talked to in ages, and really just better connecting with my colleagues.
    Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales recently posted…5 Peaks Trail Race Series: Cypress Mountain Race RecapMy Profile

    1. I know — I love being able to reconnect w everyone in one place and meet ones I haven’t in person yet!

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