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Gluten Free Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies

What better way to start the week than with me talking about flours and chocolate? Well, I think the enjoyment from four is mainly my own, but who doesn’t love chocolate? I picked up a bunch of gluten free baking supplies this weekend and successfully made my first recipe consisting of 215584871 different types of flours.  Just kidding, only two. Plus some starch and xanthan gum. Plus love.

I have read that sorghum flour is the preferred gluten free flour over the different rice flours (white, brown, and sweet), so I figured I would get some at the Asian market.  Even though I married an Indian, that in no way means I can read Hindi, so it took me awhile to find it. I had been looking at it all along while I marveled at the entire aisle of flours, but in Hindi it is called Jowar flour.  I think other words may be more useful to know in Hindi, but for now I can impress my in laws with my knowledge of the word for a cereal grain.

I made the quinoa flour at home in the Vitamix in literally 20 seconds.  I love that thing so much.  I am very excited to make more flours and wondrous creations in it.

I found the recipe for these cookies from the Gluten-Free Goddess herself and I must say that they did not disappoint.  There are so many more that I am dying to try!  Since I didn’t change anything in the recipe because of crippling fear that they would be ruined, please go here for the recipe.  While you’re at it, you should probably make everything else too.

Please enjoy this photo montage of deliciousness:

These cookies were really good. They are slightly crispier than I like my chocolate chip cookies, but I enjoyed them for different reasons than regular ones.  They tasted heartier and nuttier and are a great protein packed snack.  The cinnamon makes me want to heat them up and eat them on a cold day with some almond milk. All in all, my first complicated gluten free attempt was a success!  
So tomorrow is New Years Eve and I am making some more (healthier) peanut butter balls.  They were a hit at Christmas Eve so I’m not anticipating any backlash this time either.  I know I still have to post the recipe which I will do soon.  I hope everyone has a great rest of your Monday!!

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