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Healthier Peanut Butter Balls

Happy New Year everyone!!

While most people are busy posting green or detoxifying recipes, I decided to go the opposite route and let everyone in on these delicious peanut butter balls.  I didn’t have the need to scour the internet for healthy recipes for the new year because I was able to maintain a pretty normal eating schedule and didn’t overindulge as I have been known to do in the past.  That’s pretty cool in my book.

I made these balls three times: once as a trial, once for Christmas Eve, and once for New Year’s Eve.  They are quick to throw together and don’t contain added butter. They use maple syrup as a sweetener rather than the confectioners or cane sugar that I have seen in recipes.  I did not make many changes to this recipe, so I am going to link you here to find it. The only alterations I did were to omit the cereal once because I am not a huge fan of the crispiness and I used Jif Natural peanut butter. She advises only using drippy, 100% natural peanut butter, but I found that the Jif brand with minimal ingredients worked just fine.

These turned out so well and everyone raved about them.  Oh how I miss them already…
I don’t think I have mentioned it already, but Neil and I are leaving for our honeymoon next Tuesday.  Aaaah! We will be gone for 10 days and I don’t know the entire internet situation, so posting may be spotty at best. Don’t worry, I have not abandoned you, I am probably just rolling around on the beach and eating all the fish in the ocean.  Seriously though, is it weird that I am excited to use my new Garmin Forerunner and run in all sorts of twisty paths I make myself? Probably.  But I’ll know how far I ran!
Oh one more note.  I thought there was an option for an email subscription/rss feed on the site, but it was pointed out to me that there wasn’t.  Now everyone may flock to subscribe to my written works of art on the right sidebar.  Proceed.
I hope you all have a great day and yay for tomorrow being Friday!!
Question of the day: What did you do for New Year’s Eve?

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