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Spinning at Flywheel

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I am currently manning the desk until 9 am and then partaking in Tabata Tuesday from 9-10 am at Sweat on State if you are reading this during that time and want to come say hello! I am writing this Monday night so that I can spend more time with Neil today and traverse to the west to do some massive grocery shopping as soon as I am free this afternoon.

Today’s post is perfect to link up with Sara for Tried It Tuesday since this was actually my very first spin class.  Thanks Sara!

I knew that one of the classes I wanted to take through ClassPass was a spin class because it was something that I wanted to try and was able to try it out with no strings.  Last week I took a morning class at Flywheel which was right up the street.


The employees were very helpful as I let them all know that I had never taken a spin class and if they could hold my hand that would be great.  They had complimentary water and mints which are always a plus.  Every person is given a pair of spin shoes (or you can bring your own if you are a fancy pants) that clip into your assigned bike.  Thankfully I had ridden a bike with clips before so they weren’t too foreign to me.


Flywheel has stadium cycling which means that bikes are set up on elevated levels, allowing more to fit in a room and also give you a clear view of the instructor at the front.


My bike was right up front and we clipped in and followed the instructor’s prompts to increase/decrease our speed and torque (resistance), stand up/sit down on the bike, and even get some arm work in with weights that can be removed from the front of the bike.  The class was only 45 min, but I was definitely sweating by the time it was done.  There was a lot of off and on the bike seat which took me some getting used to since my feet were clipped into the pedals and my first inclination was to slow down to sit back.

Final impression:

I liked the workout, but I didn’t LOVE the workout.  If I had my choice of cardio I would definitely choose running over spinning and otherwise I prefer more HIIT and bootcamp style workouts using weights.  I am glad that I went and I definitely burned a lot of calories, but I don’t think spinning is for me.  For those of you who love it, props to you for all that leg work!

On top of a new workout I tried, I also found a new deli yesterday after hobbling out of my workout at Atlas.  I had walked by Goddess and Grocer the last time I took a class there, but there was no sign that I could see and I was scared to go in and see what it was.  I stuck to peeping in the windows like a crazy person.  Yesterday I was wiped from my workout and had a long walk back, so I stopped in to see the mystery.


They had sandwiches galore and I got the Garden Goddess wrap but had them add some pulled chicken.


It was definitely overpriced (I spent like $10), but it was definitely delicious.  I think there is one coming closer to me in February, so I may make this a random stop in when I don’t throw something together at home.

I am off to pile my car full of food.  Neil’s parents are coming for the weekend so I want to make sure that I have actual food in the house.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time close to the holidays!


  • Have you ever done a spin class? How do you feel about it?
  • What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
  • Random question from Neil: If you wanted to celebrate the holidays during any other time of the year, when would it be and why?

7 comments on “Spinning at Flywheel

  1. Thanks for linking up!! Glad you tried spin, even if in the end the workout wasn’t for you. Who was your teacher? What I like about Flywheel is the energy you get from the instructors. I have had Candy and Dani. Candy tweaked on the bike.

    1. I went to the one in Old Town and had Gaelyn. She was fine, but maybe the workout just didn’t do it for me. Who knows. I liked it, but it’s not somewhere that I would buy a package or anything.

  2. So we just got a FlyWheel and I tried it. I liked it a lot because I’m competitive, but what I didn’t like was that sort of elitist environment. I think working out and exercising should be accessible to everyone, and it just isn’t at $25 a class.
    Cheri @ Overactive Blogger recently posted…Rent the Runway!My Profile

    1. Yeah I agree. I am glad I got to try it out through ClassPass, but it’s not something that I would buy on my own.

  3. I’ve actually never tried Flywheel since I live in a teeny, tiny town and we dont have one here, but I’ve always wanted to try. I do love regular spin class though! I personally find it’s a nice compliment to my running routine because it works my legs in different ways. Plus it’s a lot of interval work, which really improved my cardiovascular endurance. I found that for me, personally, it made a big difference adding in spin 1x a week during half marathon training. Although I will say, I think the type of class and the instructor can make a HUGE difference. There are some instructors that just make me push harder, and others where I feel like I just phone it in.
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…Finding A Squatting Shoe {Reebok One Trainer 2.0 Review}My Profile

    1. Yeah that makes sense. I think if it was offered as a class in a larger gym then I would take it randomly, but not spend money exclusively at a Flywheel studio, you know? I definitely get the benefits of the cross training and am willing to give it another try, just not go crazy with it 🙂

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